Bodensee-Königssee Radweg Bad Tölz, bavaria (DAY 4)

A scheduled lazy 46km on a mostly flat terrain meant a Sunday sleep-in was in order and an agreed late departure of 9:30.

Weather forecast was for plenty of sunshine, but in reality due to riding along the valley floor had us cycling in low lying cloud cover which took until midday to burn off. This unfortunately obscured the Austrian Alps which were in spitting distance. In fact we were literally a stone’s throw from Ehrwald where Jenny and I hiked only just over a week ago!

Team Bavaria have been together now for over 5 days and surprisingly no cracks have appeared and all have gelled well together. So much so that one female member has been too comfortable and has shared certain bodily noises nobody thought could have possibly come from her... (an accidental slip that didn’t go unnoticed!)

Whilst a short ride, we still took the opportunity for a couple of rest stops with our lunch stop just 7km short of our final destination for the evening. I’m sure we entertain the local Bavarians, but we also have many memorable interactions with the locals. One such interaction was with a lovely German lady of similar vintage to ourselves, who was out walking with her 86 year old mother and their groodle! (More like Louie than Indi, but knew where he liked to be scratched and instantly missed our dogs). Both the mother and groodle were presented with a token gift of a mini Koala Bear. Bobby had his clipped to his collar...

An early arrival meant we had time to walk into town stopping via the Gelato shop, exploring the old town and a very genteel walk back to the hotel along the Isar River.

We had a special German dinner guest that Brett had pre-arranged, a friend of many years that is living in Munich. Klaus rode his bike the 50km from Munich to join us and entertained and educated us all in all things German and Bavarian. A great way to finish off a lazy and relaxing Sunday.

Late Breakfast
Morning Tea...
Bobby the Groodle
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Stephen Mathieson

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