THE BLIND SIDE Criticism Prospectus Presentation | Kaleigh Sandness

Michael Orr and Family versus The Movie Cast

Based on a True Story


Redefining Gender ROleS

Language as a Mother

No Patriarchy, No Problem

Her ability to leave the men she encounters speechless demonstrates how abnormal it is for a female to question them in something as masculine as football. This once again demonstrates her ability to push females closer to achieving a feministic culture.

Leighanne Tuohy actively and subconsciously redefines gender roles through her language and actions in both parenting and marriage. She places women in masculine conversations they were historically excluded from by holding her own in Michael’s football journey.

Her friends are victims of fulfilling the stereotype of what a wealthy, white wife is. They serve as a tangible contrast of who Leighanne is and what she represents.


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