Drawing and painting 2016-2017 Ruby Kraft

First Semester Projects

I have always been interested in color and the color theory, so to learn how to manipulate color was intriguing for me. It was confusing and challenging to try and manipulate the blue into two different hues, so I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone for this project.
When starting the gif assignment, I had thought we would use a ball over a cloudy sky or sunset, which was similar to the final product. I soon moved to the space idea for the background, but we kept the 'ball'.

If I could give my own take on the gif project, I would have used oil pastels to make a sky/sunset view and show the silhouette of a bird taking flight off of a bough of a tree.

The silk painting project was the one I knew the least about and the one that taught me the most new material.
I'm most proud of my charcoal piece called 'Rhythm', because I think I put the materials I was given to use in the best way that I could have. Charcoal is my favorite medium, and I think I can use it the well enough to get a good final product.

The only area I hope to improve is in painting and especially my use of hue and value, and making successful gradations. My goal is to actually be proud of a painting I make in the second semester.

Second Semester Projects

I think I met my goal, and I'm satisfied with my work this semester. I think I can work with the materials I'm given well enough to successfully give form to shapes using value and hues.

Oil and acrylic are two difficult mediums to work with on more than one level, but the most challenging one to work with was acrylic. I think it was difficult for me because t'm very picky about how I make my gradations and use my color, so it was hard with acrylic having such a short drying time. Oil was my favorite because it gave my picky mind what it needed to be successful

Oil vs Acrylic

The color theory has always been interesting to me, but particularly in this semester it was challenging to work with. I was made to use complements to show values and to use brown other than black, so that was interesting. My painting technique also changed this semester, I stopped relying on sketches so much as my own use of space and proportions changed. I think the best example of these changes was my oil over acrylic painting. I was challenged to use complements to shade the red regions, and to work without sketching every layer.

The area that changed for me the most throughout this year was probably my attitude and self confidence. I trust myself enough to produce a good product without stressing too much about it, and I think that changed my whole mentality towards art and my individual ability to express my ideas with what I'm given.
Monotype "Gloopy".

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