electromagnetic spectrom Carrie Hervi

radio waves: things that use radio waves is our sun, radios, and satellites. radio waves are the longest wavelength of all the different kinds of waves. they also contain the least amount of energy. the wavelength of a radio wave is from 19 cm. to longer than the diameter of the planet.
microwaves: things that use microwaves are microwaves, weather forecasting, radar, phones, and GPS. microwaves are the have the second longest wavelength from radio waves. a microwaves has different bands (l, s, c, x, k) 1 GHz <--->40 GHz
infrared: the things that use or contain infrared waves are remote controls, night vision goggles, humans, fire, and animals. the size comparison of a infrared wave would be the size of a pin tip. they have a short wave radiation. The wavelength of an infrared wave is 760 NM.
visible light waves: visible light waves have shorter wavelengths and higher frequency than infrared waves. if visible light appears white, it is actually a mixture of colors. the wavelength of a visible light wave is 200 mm.
ultraviolet: one thing that uses ultraviolet waves is a bug zapper. ultraviolet waves are 400 NM to 10 NM. there is UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C is the most harmful. ultraviolet waves have a higher frequency than visible light. hospitals use ultraviolet lamps to kill bacteria.
x-rays: the wavelength of an x-ray is 0.01 to 10 NM and the wavelength is just shorter than ultraviolet waves. the frequencies of them are just higher than ultraviolet waves. x-rays are millions of degrees, and are like the size of an atom. x-rays are used to take pictures of the bones inside our body. too much x-rays can cause cancer.
gamma rays: one thing that has gamma rays is lightning and they are used in medical treatment. gamma rays are absorbed by earth's atmosphere, and are deadly to humans. gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and have the highest frequencies. they are like the size of an atoms nucleus.


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