Journey through germany By Alex, Bryce & Rachel


Welcome to your travel guide for your two month stay in Germany. Here you will find everything you need for your trip to Germany including directions, common language expressions and leisure activities to experience along the way.

HoW You'Ll Get there


You will arrive in Munich Airport. Here we will have a car for you to rent, which you can find on the slide below. After you arrive in Munich, you will drive to your first location in Köckersried, Zachenberg, Germany. This drive is about an hour away and below we have provided directions to get there.



From Munic Airport you will be able to rent this VW Passat for around 1,473.85 dollars for your whole trip. This car will provide you with transportation and has great gas mileage. You will also be able to return this at your final airport destination.

Important information

Important stuff to know

Since you will be traveling to an unfamiliar place, we've provided you with a few things you may want to know for your journey.

- Since credit cards are not widely accepted in Germany, it is a good idea to check with shops and restaurants which payment types they accept and ALWAYS have cash on hand

- Important Phone Numbers to know are : 110 for police, 112 for an ambulance and 11833 for national directory enquiries. It's better to be on the safe side and prepared for any event.

- When eating out, you must tell your waitress or waiter how much you're planning to pay so that they give you proper change. Also in Germany the common tip rule of thumb is to tip 5-10%

- Familarize yourself with the roads near you and always carry a map of the area which you can find at gas stations, bookstores and even cafes. Also if using the GPS that comes with your car, it may lead you onto pedestrian only paths so feel free to ask the locals questions about how to properly get somewhere

first location

Welcome to Zachenberg!

Welcome to your first place you'll spend your first month. This will give you a great taste of rural Germany life. This town is quite small with a population of 2,153. However, this town has a very welcoming vibe and the people here are quite welcoming towards tourists. You will feel at home instantly. This town has lots of family owned businesses from the restaurants to even the stores. Zachenberg will become your home away from home, making you want to stay for more than a great while.


first home

House located in : Köckersried, Zachenberg, Barvaria, Germany
Dining Area
Back Porch Area
Backyard View
Heated Pool
Balcony View

House InFormation

This house will become your home for the first thirty days. It is located in Zachenberg, Bavaria, Germany and is quite rural. It will cost you about 60 dollars a day and will provide a great amount of comfort during your stay.


-Kitchen: coffee maker, stove, toaster, oven, etc.

- Bathroom: shower, tub, and hair dryer included

- 2 Bedrooms ( King & Full )

- Satellite television, Internet access, Sauna, Pool, Balcony, and breakfast catering is available through owner

- There is also a grocery store & ATM bank less then a few miles away

Leisurely Activities

Fun Stuff to do

St. Stephens Cathedral: a baroque church from 1688 in Passau, Bavaria, Germany dedicated to Saint Stephen. It also has the largest Organ in all of Europe. Here you can find more information at:

Tier Freigelande National Park: This park offers a 3 hour tour through this animal hotspot with a very informative guide or the opportunity to venture off on your own. You will see Black Stork, Elk, and even bears all from a safe distance. Find more information at:

Hot Air Balloon Adventure: Enjoy a unique city tour over the beautiful town of Bamberg. You will be given a local, experienced guide that will inform with all sorts of facts about the town and architecture- all seen from a birds eye view. Find more information at:

Lake Königssee: A natural lake in southern Bavaria. Most of this lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park and has many breath taking hiking trails. This lake is an absolute must see attraction for any outdoors lover. Discover more at:

This is just a small list of fun things to do in Zachenberg but you can find much more at:

Language Barriers

Breaking language barriers

In Germany many people speak fluent German, so knowing a few expressions could really help you along the way. Some words are simple. Hello is simply, Hallo and goodbye is Auf Wiedersehen. But for the more difficult expressions, we've attached a helpful website to help you along the way. Find it here:

Forecasts & Weather

What's the weather

The weather in both areas you are staying will mostly be in the 60's and 70's with partly sunny weather. However, a little rain is very common in Germany so we suggest having a rain coat or umbrella at hand. Below we have placed a website that will provide you with all things weather you will need to know. Find it at:

Restaurants & such

Where to eat?

We were able to find multiple restaurants in the Zachenberg area that will provide with a tremendous amount of German culture along the way.

Waldcafe Haus Maria is located in Zachenberg and will provide you with great German pastries and even special German brews. You can find this cafe on: Ochsenberg 10, 94239 which is only a short distance from your home.

Michael Kellermeier is a family owned restaurant that will lead you deep into German culture. You can find this restaurant on: Dorfstraße 11, 94239 which is also near the cafe listed above.

Gasthof Tremmel is another small restaurant available to you. Although there is very little outsider information on this restaurant, it seems to be a towns people favorite. Find it on: Haberleuthen 9, 94239.

The Schläfflerhof Hotel Restaurant & Cafe is located outside of Zachenberg but is a tourist favorite. You may have to make reservations to eat here, which you can call (4999201375) or go to their website at for more information.



The store closest to your Zachenberg location is an Aldi's which are very common in Germany. They are closed on Sunday but every other day they are open from 8-8pm.

The store closest to your Offenburg location is Treff Markt. They are also closed on Sunday and open every other day from 8-8pm. Prices are relatively cheaper however, organic so can cost up to 25% more than American organics. They are located at Weingartenstr. 19 a, 77654.

Second Location

Next stop... Offenburg

The next place we will be sending you is in Offenburg which is actually in a completely different German state. This is about a 5 hour drive and we don't believe you'll need to stop along the way. We've provided you with directions below. Below you will also find a summary of your home for your last month of the trip and restaurants and leisurely activities to complete during your stay.

second location

Welcome to Offenburg!

Offenburg is a city located in Baden-Württemberg with around 57,000 inhabitants. This town brings German culture to a peak, with sports and history all wrapped into one. This town still holds onto its small town feel with lots to do and even more to experience.

second home

your New home

Your second home is in the rural part of Offenburg all while still giving you a large panoramic view of the city. This home will cost 60 dollars a day as well, and will absolutely charm you with it's country side view.

View from Backyard
Living room


- Kitchen: coffee maker, microwave, toaster, oven , etc.

- Bathroom: Shower, toilet, clean towels provided

- Hair dryer, Internet access, television, washed and dryer provided

leisure activities

Fun stuff to do

Event cost can be discounted if an Offenburg member card is purchased for 35.00 each.

Wine tour: Guests can take a walking tour to five Offenburg vineyards and taste two free glasses at each. Cost is around 50 dollars per person on weekends.

Museum Im Ritterhaus: This museum offers a journey through Offenburg's local history and also offers live performances.

Exit park: Just like the common escape room, this escape room takes you through German culture as you try to escape in a certain amount of time. This is a fun alternative to all the history lessons and such. Book

Offenburg Miners: Football at it's finest right in Offenburg. This teams games are open to the public and will offer a great time to experiment Germany's sport side.

Offenburg Music: Offenburg is a very musical town and has bands and concerts available almost every week. Enjoy German music and a good time right in your little town.

places to eat

places to eat

Prices range from 15 to 50 dollars per meal.

Schoellmanns: A bar and grill that provides a fun twist to culture with great food and a wide variety of German beverages. Meals range between 15-50 dollars. Find more information at:

Offenburg Wochenmarkt: Provides a wide insight into German culture with lots of different foods to try and even flowers and souvenirs to buy. Open on weekends and offers lots of food vendors.

Bombay Restaurant: Large restaurant with amazing food and large courses of German cuisine. Find more information

Journey to france

Journey to France

*Passport will be needed*

With your location in Offenburg we have opened up the opportunity to venture into France. You will need you passport to travel between the borders. This travel will bring a whole new insight of culture to your availability and is cost affective is you take a day trip without spending the night. It is about an hour drive from Offenburg to France.


conclusion to your trip

You've reached the end of your trip. This presentation could not bring to justice the amount of culture and new experiences awaiting you. Enjoy your visit :) Auf Wiedersehen!

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