BOTB: JV Boys crush the Eagles 44-29 By christina johnson, andrea tran and susan wong

To kickoff the annual Battle of the Birds basketball night, the JV boys basketball team defeated the Washington Eagles 44-29 on Jan. 18 at Kezar Pavilion.

Above: Sophomore forward Derek Quach guards a Washington Eagle. Photo by Susan Wong

Right: Sophomore guard Tully Chan fights for the rebound with an Eagle. Photo by Andrea Tran

Clockwise top to bottom: Sophomore forward Jeremiah Hizon drives down the court after securing a rebound; sophomore guard Tully Chan looks for a teammate to pass the ball to as an Eagle defender tries to block him; sophomore guard Bruno Krneta runs down the court as the Eagles chase behind him. Photos by Susan Wong
Freshman Elle Ladine and the JV girls basketball team cheer on the Cardinals. Photo by Susan Wong
Left: Sophomore forward Jeremiah Hizon tries to steal the ball from an Eagle player. Right: Sophomore forward Kyle Simmons shoots a free throw shot. Photos by Susan Wong
Sophomore forward Isaac Petalver dribbles the ball down the court looking for an open teammate. Photo by Christina Johnson
Sophomore forward Kyle Simmons plays defense against an Eagle player. Photo by Christina Johnson

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