Your Guide to Digital Citizenship By: Morgan Efland

It is time to have a conversation with your students and children about internet safety and digital citizenship in society!

Photo Credit: Huffington Post (Common Sense Media)

It is time to have the "talk" about how to make smart decisions on the web. Learn from this Huffington Post article the five basics to cover.

Learning about digital citizenship can be tricky, but if you take the time to learn and THINK about everything you do online being a digital citizen can be easy.

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As you can see above you always want to THINK about your posts.

T: is your post relevant?

H: how will your post help/benefit others?

I: is your post going to inspire others?

N: is your post really necessary?

K: is your post kind spirited?

We all want to be model digital citizens. Learn from our friend below about how not to overshare on social media.

It may be hard to be the best all the time and make the right decisions, but as long as you THINK before you act everything will be easy.

Let us all pledge to be the best digital citizens we can be....

Photo Credit: Common Sense Media

Teach children to be super digital citizens!

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