Martin Luther A "demon in the appearance of a man"?

This quote is a good example of how Martin Luther is a Saint because of his way of thinking. I think he means that life is too short to postpone happiness. Life is to short to postpone anything. If you want something changed, then change it. This quote goes along with why he wrote the 95 Theses. He did not like they way the Catholic Church was, and he was not going to wait around for someone else to fix it.

In this piece of art, Martin Luther is portrayed as a sinner. He burning the Papal Bull along with the book of church law and many other books by his enemies. The people around him look a bit angered and shocked. I think this is supposed to represent how the Catholic Church portrayed Luther; as a person who wanted to destroy every aspect of the Catholic Religion.

This painting portrays Luther as a saint. He is gathered with his family, playing the lute while his children are singing. This makes Martin Luther seem like a family person, caring about everyone, no matter the age or gender. The children are smiling, showing that Luther is bringing them joy.

In "Luther's Game of Heresy" Luther is portrayed as a sinner. Luther cooking in a huge cooking-pot with the assistance of three devils. Luther is in his monastic robes with a raven perched on his shoulder. This Anti-Lutheran propaganda is used to show that Luther is brewer of sin and discontentment.

In this piece of artwork, Martin Luther is depicted as a saint. In this painting, Luther is above everyone else, preaching the good news of the gospel to a large crowd. The painting is light, portraying Luther as good and some of the people are smiling.

In this artwork, Luther is depicted as a sinner. People with power from the Catholic Church are pointing at him, and accusing him of wanting to destroy the Catholic Religion. Everyone is angered and glaring at Luther. In this painting, it is Luther versus everyone else, showing that the Catholics wanted people to think that Luther is obviously bad and anyone who joins him will not stand a chance.


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