Dominican Republic by:diana vega

The place I chosed is Punta Cana I will be taking a 8 day vacation to Dominican Republic,Punta Cana
The plane in which I will be traveling is American Airlines it will cost me $1,367 for a round trip
I will be staying at Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel,It will cost me $1,265.56 to stay there for 8 days I liked this hotel it had some good comments, it said that it had nice rooms,clean ect. they have good selection of restaurants,and good service.
June is the Hottest Month in Punta Cana with an average temperature of 82*F it is mostly warm at Dominican Republic
La Romana would be a place to visit when traveling to Dominican Republic,La Romana is located in the east Coast of Dominican Republic it is home of the charming Altos De Chavon it's a replica of the 16th century artisans A tour on "La Romana" will be $59
Jarabacoa lies in the spectacular codillera central,(Central Mountains) a landscape of sweeping pine forest,rivers,water falls,and the highest peaks in the carribean I willl be spending $89 on a tour
This Marine Park is great to go Snorkeling i will be spending $106 for 4hrs
Dominican food is a mix of African,European,and Indigineous influences selection of fish,plantains,yucca,rice,chicken,beans and all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables
This is the Jellyfish restaurant what they serve here is a mix of carribean,seafood,vegetarian food a plate there is about $15
Mathilda is another restaurant located in Punta Cana,tis restaurant has a mix of Italian,Latin,Mediterranean,and ,Spanish a plate at Mathilda is about $10
Local transportation of Dominican Republic are buses
My total cost for this trip will be 2,911.56


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