Yoga in town My very first photo shoot!

I don't know very much about yoga, let alone taking a picture of somebody doing it! When you get a friend request on Facebook from a complete stranger it's always slightly strange. I asked did we know each other, we didn't (what a surprise) but we did frequent the same pub in Nantes, which checked out.

I looked the person up on Instagram and discovered everything was legit, and she asked me could I take some photos of her doing some yoga. We met, by chance, in the pub and I quickly realised that I had nothing to fear. I'm very slightly socially awkward and a complete introvert. The only thing I did fear was that I knew nothing about how to proceed and how to take portraits in photography. Thank heavens for YouTube and Google. I had the necessary kit in my bag and said I would meet her after work on the Thursday...

I picked her up and we headed off to Hangar à Bananes, which at that hour of the day is fine. The weather was good and the light breeze would act as a fan. I thought, yeah, I can actually do this!

As in most things the warm-up is essential. Even when I'm in town doing my "normal" thing you always need to get your eye working correctly. You need to see the photos before taking them, and you'll take a few shots that don't work but it puts you on to the right path to those which will work.

Keep it simple Stupid!
Such elegance...

As the shoot progressed I got into it and actually felt confident about what the heck I was doing. I went into automatic pilot and just got on with it!

I took the tripod and everything. I'd always been told to have a back up camera and batteries. Check!

Make sure everything was charged up, including the gimbal so I could shoot a little bit of video to just give something else to have a look at. For the web it was fine, and fun also!

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
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