How to make a Minecraft Mod By:Finn

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is a game were you do what ever you want.

You can mine ores and blocks and build cool stuff.

You fight mobs to live also you can have everything on creative mode and you can't die unless you fall out of the world.

What is a Mod

A mod is a thing where you change the game .

With a mod you can do what ever the mod let's you do.

Making a mod can take a very long time. (but it's worth it)

There are two types of mods Client-side and Server-side.

Clint-side is where it's yours only.

Sever-side is where it's everybody's.

Poplar Minecraft Mods

Journey map,it maps your world in real time as you explore.

Tinkers Construct,let's you build cool items.

Storage Drawers,let's you store your favorite items.

Tools to make Minecraft Mods

You need Maven to create the mod.

NetBeans to edit your mod.

Java to run Minecraft, not JavaScript.

Barrit to run the server.

Minecraft to test the mod.

Where to learn to make a Minecraft Mods teaches you how to code by teaching you to mod Minecraft with blocks.

A book called, "A Beginners Guide to Writing Minecraft Plugins" is another way to learn to mod Minecraft.

A mod I want to make is a redstone mod.

It will let you place wires made from redstone dust into walls.

Not think really hard ... what mod do you want to make?

Now go do it!

Here's a mod video enjoy

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