Author Mikel Wilson Learning to write from the soul.

I have always loved books. In fact when I was younger you could always catch me in the library with my favorite Librarian Mrs Joyce.
Like all people do I grew up... found love and had kids. The field I chose to go into was computers and for the most part I was happy.
But I always managed to find time snuggle up with a good book... who knew that my love of books would lead to a new career which would become my greatest adventure.

My first book which means so much to me... was a paranormal book with Vampires and Hybrids! I never thought so many would give me a chance by reading anything I wrote. Before I knew it, a series was born which is still ongoing. After a year of its release it actually hit number one on Amazons Bestsellers list in its category!

Seeing "A Light Beyond The Darkness" number one in its category made me smile so big! All my hard work was paying off! Next thing I wanted to do was connect with some of the best in the biz... sooo of course I had to go to the ATL!

Here I am at the AAMBC Literary Experience in Atlanta,Georgia with the founder of the AAMBC's entrepreneur and bestselling author Tamika Newhouse.

There surrounded by celebrities, feeling as though I was home. Having the oppurtunity to meet them and hear their ideas and advice... was a confirmation I was on the right path.

Taking pics on the red carpet with Super blogger the Famed "Curvy Fashionista"

Also with amazing author, and podcast host Koereyelle. I had an amazing time and mingled with a few stars leaving the AAMBC experience I was determined to write better books and grow as a writer. Back in my writing cave Book 2 flowed from my pen and before I long it was in the hands of my readers.

The fans raved about it! And so they just had to have a book 3! I wrote it as fast as I could when a few obstacles tried to stand in my way.

Never giving up book 3 made its way to the shelves!.... But little did I know what was just around the corner.

Late one night I found myself in a fight for my life! A trip to the ER revealed the serious problem I was having.

This major health scare which required surgery and a extended recovery put me down in the dumps. That on top of a suprise pregnancy! There I was recovering unable to work all of this left me feeling exhausted mentally helpless and un-inspired to write .. I nearly put my pen to rest for good. My mind nearly made up when the idea of writing something that moves people crept into my heart. I knew just what I needed to write about! All I had to do was reminisce on a event that had happened just a few years earlier. I met a new friend who became my editor and who was determined to help me push this book out. This traumatic event was just the beginning of me learning to write from my soul.

April 15th 2011

All in my life was going well my son had just been born in March. But that all changed in a moment in the blink of an eye... Life as I knew it was gone. I was able to use my feelings from one of the darkest moments in my life and draw inspiration from it. This inspiration turned into.."Shattered But Not Easily Broken"

From a thought in my mind to creation.... A year later it released and to my suprise it opened at number #1 on Amazons Bestsellers List.

From my humble independent start in 2016 to now I must say the ride has been a fun one! Ive had ups and downs but im still standing and to me thats all that really matters.

Im now seeing myself in magazines, on front pages of newspapers and im even being interviewed! To be honest it feels so unreal... writing was just a hobby a escape for me to for a moment live in a world where everything could be the way I imagined it. To see so many enjoy my books brings tears to my eyes. To see where my writing is taking me I am truly humbled and its because of all of you, my fans. You are lending me your infinite support and following me as I follow my dreams. I love you all and I promise "you aint seen nothing yet"

I will never forget the day I held this in my hands... tears fell from my eyes and I still remember just how thankful I was to see all my hardwork paying off.

USA Today Bestseller at last!!

After two years of hard work I was finally able to reachnone of my writing career goals ot was a giant accomplishment in my career
In July of 2019 WBRC came calling It was amazing to be on TV to talk about my journey of writing and also being able to tell of my inspiration.
It was an absolute blast being on the air with this wonderful host.
Another magazine interview! Demopolis Times gave me the oppurtunity to tell my story! It was alot of fun although I hate the picture lol
After the success of Shattered But Not Easily Broken my fans begged for a sequel which I released in 2020! The reviews were amazing and it was well received you can pick up your copy ⬇️
My inspiration is my family, which is my own little piece of heaven.
My bestfriend, wife and mother of my children

My wife and children have always been my backbone. I married my bestfriend and although we have had ups and downs we have stayed true to the love we found in eachother so many years ago. Im able to write from the soul because it gives me strenght, if a scene makes me cry I hope it makes you cry as well. Soul writing comes from the inside so im giving a part of myself to you. I pray for your continued support as I follow my dreams. Thank you!