Romeo and Juliet Comparing real life events

Till Death do us part

After 55 years of marriage. Kay and Ernie Sievewright took the till death do us part vow seriously and decided to die together with medical assistance. They first met in the town of Dublin, Ireland when they were only 17, fell in love and have been together ever since. Both developed many medical problems and were not happy with the positions the medical problems had placed them in. They were both placed in wheelchairs. Now both the age of 76 they wanted to have a gentle peaceful death together after 5 and a half decades of marriage. Sadly, in the end they were forced to die 4 days apart due to legal reasons. This compares to Romeo and Juliet because both couples didn’t want to live without each other. The thought of even having to go four days without her husband made Kay very upset. Romeo doesn’t even want to go a day without Juliet and immediately kills himself.

Real Life romeo and juliet

Three years ago, the most realistic real life Romeo and Juliet started in Saudi Arabia. Huda now 22 met the love of her life in a mobile phone store, Arafat now 25 worked at the store and was much more poor than Huda and her family. They fell in love and coincidentally her father did not approve of him, and thought he was ‘in love’ with Huda for her money. Weeks later Huda ran away and crossed the border into Yemen and was caught and arrested for illegal immigration, a couple days later Arafat was also arrested after being found in Yemen and was charged with helping Huda. This story compares to the play Romeo and Juliet because, Huda rebelled against her culture just like juliet rebelled against her family who in both stories did not support their love. Both Huda and Arafat, and Romeo and Juliet suffer consequences for rebelling, Huda and Arafat end up in jail and Romeo and Juliet end up dead. This is in fact the most realistic version of Romeo and Juliet.

It was indeed a Modern day Romeo and Juliet Story

Teen suicide

Kenneth Weishuhn Jr was a 14 year old boy living in America at the time of his death. He was a victim to bullying and other harassment because he had come out as gay. Only a month after he came out and the bullying was going on he had decided the non acceptance from his “friends” and family was too much and he took his own life in the family's garage. He hung himself. He is now known by many because of his suicide. His death has set a better example for the people around him to be more accepting even if it's out of their “normal”. The story of Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. Relates to Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, because Kenneth committed suicide. The reason he did so was because the people around him, such as his family and friends wouldn't accept the fact that he was gay. Although this is slightly different than Romeo and Juliet's situation it still relates because they felt unaccepted by their family for the way they felt, even though they couldn't change their feelings. It also is similar because, sadly in the end all three of them lost their lives by suicide.

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