One child Policy CHINA carter burenheide

The FACTS.-Introduced in 1979-It is the official government control of parenthood-1/3 of Chinese population fall under this law-The other 2/3 live out side of these rules due to not living in populated areas-Until the late '60s the Chinese government let the people determine their size of family-Under the leadership of Mao Zedong they were encouraged to have numerous kids-3 years after his death the new leader implemented the One child Policy-Between 1946-1979 the Chinese population doubled-it went from 540 million to 940 million in a little over 30 years-the government claims they have prevented 400 million children from being born in this law-but independent scholars claim only 100 million-also has increased the abortion rate in China.
In addition even were it is legal to have two kids it still isn't used out of fear-on a plus side when you have one kid you get a certificate which includes extra health care and other benefits-they have signs that say "china needs planned families"-it almost is close to a dictatorship by controlling the families from having more children-this policy has obviously helped reduce the population-down to 44 per thousand-a government official says they have prevented the population of Europe to 300 million-the ratio of children per family is 1.7 rate-event without government intervention this was still needed-Mao claimed that when he took office he said there is nothing more valuable then people.
In '56 the government started implementing propaganda to have more children-then of course the government saw this as a problem when their population grew tremendously-that's when they started to revisit birth control-then the government started saying 1 is good 2 is OK 3 is too many-they were doing trial runs with the policy in the early 70's-then they implemented the later longer fewer children movement- the birth rate decreased by 17.8% in two years-eventually it got better to two kids per couple in rural areas.


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