Meerkats by: Eric Rooney

while the largest population of Meerkats is in South Africa the second largest is in the U.S.A. due to the show, Meerkat Manor

Meerkats are some of the most social animals on earth and many times you'll find that families love together and dens for families are often connected, this became a problem a few 1000 years ago. History mentions that while the Meerkats now live primarily in South Africa, they used to live much farther north. But when the ancient Romans conquered Egypt, they brought a bunch of diseases over which decimated the Meerkat population being a density dependent factor. Forcing them to emigrate to the southern area. during the immigration multiple places were found. First near the river Nile sadly it flooded almost every 8 or 9 months being a density independent factor, the dens were swamped. So they moved away from the river but not too far away, they needed water, sadly the ground was too hard for them to dig being a density independent factor the dens they required for survival. The average group of 4 or 5 Meerkats can dig a fully functioning den in 4 hours, with the tough soil they were facing it took them up to 4 DAYS. In that time they were completely unprotected, hyenas, desert cats of all kinds ate them and since the families lived so close together, it was a feast for them all being a density dependent factor. So they moved on further south. then they found a loose ground area easy to dig near springs and small ponds giving them everything they needed to find a new home.

The standard litter of Meerkat can be 2 to 6 pups, which are born blind, the average Meerkat lives to be about 7 or 8 years old, but have been to live to 12. The average female Meerkat will have 2 litters leaving plenty of offspring to continue the species.

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