DAY FIVE - Snagit Digital January

Do you feel more secure today after our little introduction to the University's Password Portal? Today we look at a screen-grabbing tool called Snagit to help you record and share how to do things on your PC.

What does it do?

Imagine you’re trying to show a group of people how to use a piece of software or access a handy resource you’ve found on the web. It can be a pain to write a step by step description explaining what they need to do. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply record yourself going through the steps on your own computer and send the results for people to simply watch and copy what you did?

Snagit is a simple tool for capturing and editing screenshots and videos from your computer display or webcam (if you have one). With a bit of practice, these images and videos can be edited and enhanced using a set of simple built-in tools. This means you can create something quite professional in appearance with very little of the technical requirements and problems associated with video editing.

Once you've created something you can share it directly with people as a video file, host it on MyDundee or your own website, or broadcast it through the usual digital channels available to you - YouTube, Vimeo and others.

When would you use it?

Because Snagit is a useful way of quickly producing an instructional video demonstrating something going on on your PC screen, you can use it to give brief video-based instruction on to to perform an action or complete a process - how to complete an online form, how to install a piece of software, how to interact with others using a social media application etc. Anything you can do on your PC you can capture as a video, edit and share.

How do you access it?

A free trial version is available from the University's Software Centre (available from the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of your PC screen), but to purchase the full version would cost around £40. To learn more, see the TechSmith website.

Is there something free which might work just as well?

There are many similar video capture tools out there offering similar features to Snagit, including Snagit’s siblings Jing (free) and Camtasia. There is also a free Snipping Tool which you can download onto your University desktop from the Start Menu although this only captures an image from your screen rather than taking a 'video recording' of your activities. Some others on the market are also free, some are complex and powerful, but the reason that Snagit is our choice is that it strikes a good balance between features and simplicity for a reasonable price.

•Where can you get help to use it?

There is a brief introductory video here:

And a longer introduction here

What Digital Literacy skills will Snagit help you to develop?

The University of Dundee has a Digital Literacies Framework which sets out what sort of digital skills you should have, whether you're a student or a staff member. It's unlikely you'll have all the skills contained in the Framework (yet!), but this project can help you get started in developing some new ones. To see the Framework click here and click on Digital Literacies Framework at Dundee University to download a copy.

Using a digital tool to demonstrate a skill or a process is an aspect of DIMENSION 5 - Collaborate and share digital content as outlined on Page 9 of the Framework.



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