Humans of Valentine's Day By Hawk headlines staff

"Valentine's Day is for the lonely people to find love for one day in their life." - Trey Mastropietro

“When i was 12, my mother always gave me Valentine candy because you know it's my mother. One day she was like, I don't know what to get you because I'm hard to buy gifts for sometimes so she just gave me money and let me go into CVS to get the discounted Valentine's Day candy.” - Chrystal Sheehan

“To me, Valentine’s Day is about being happy with your friends and family...sometimes I make my family cards that say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.” - Emily Beyer

“Valentine’s Day to me is a day to appreciate the people you already have in your life instead of being in a relationship.” - Mikayla Poirier

"At this point in my life, I've been married for over 32 years. So Valentine's Day, for me and my wife, is kinda just another day. When you work in the media for so long, you realize that it's a holiday created by Hallmark to sell cards and flowers! So my opinion is: it's for young people, and they should go out and enjoy it. Also... I wish those lil' heart candies would come back." - Ralph Riello

“Our favorite Valentine’s day memory is when we would give out Valentine’s to our friends in elementary school.” - Paul Laliberte and Nadja Cochenet

“ It means a date or a holiday, that doesn’t really make sense, cause couples could care for each other everyday, or buy each other gifts each day. It’s just a day that is labeled for couples, not single people. I plan on going home on Valentine’s Day and staying single." - Emily Ruhl

“Valentine’s Day is spending time with your loved ones but to me is just another day- but I love getting candy.” - Rebecca Benoit

“Valentine’s Day means a lot more now because I actually have someone to share it with. Because I can hang out with my boyfriend and we can give eachother gifts." - Jessica D'Aniello

"For me, Valentine's Day means spending time with the people I love and expressing to them how much I care about them." -Lindsey Persico

"Valentines Day means loving your best friends forever!"- Ryan Kuhns

“My best Valentine’s Day experience was making a Valentines Card for my trainer, Kirby.” - Colin Lacy

“Me and my boyfriend had just broken up and my mom felt really bad for me so she got me a mani-pedi.” -Caitlin Marvin

“I was really nervous and excited when I found out that the girl I like sent me a Valentine’s Day bracelet at school.” - Michael Landrigan

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about having a significant other it can be about spending time with your family and friends. Valentine’s Day is about spreading your love and appreciating the good people in your life, including yourself. Valentine’s Day is all about treating yourself, your friends, and your family. “ - Victoria Baliga

Contributions by: Jess Vardon, Robert Hansen, Jen Guluzy, Vincent Zheng, Lexi Landrigan, Anna Nichols, Emma Flaherty, Michele Iraci, and Shaelin DiGioia

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