ABC's of Africa Sophia C.

A - Africa is the worlds second largest continent that is 30 million square kilometers.
B - Because the people in Africa have a lot of gold, the woman have used for makeup
C - Crossing the Sahara is not easy, there is no water or food. it is vary hot, and it would take days to get across it. in some parts of the desert, if you slow down in a car it could get suke and you would not have enay way to get back.
The deadliest worldwide conflict was the second Congo killing over 5.4 million people
E - Egypt was a civilization that was all along the Nile river
F- Forest used to cover over 20% of Africa. Now the Congo Basin is Africa largest forest.
G - Ghana gained independence in 1957, becoming the first nation to break free from colonial rule.
H - The hottest, driest, and most barren place on the earth is the Sahara desert.
T - Most important part of the caravan was the camel. With out camels, trade would be next to impossible.
J - Jungles in Africa, compared to the other jungles through out the world, are dry.
K - The kingdom of kush had close ties to Ancient Egypt. Kush was along the Nile River, the White Nile River, and the Blue Nile River.
L - There are lots of languages in Africa, hundreds of them are widely used. Some of them are Arabic, Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Swanilo, Fulani, and Yoruba.
M - Mali's most famous ruler was a Muslim named Mansa Musc.
N - The Nile River is the worlds longest river, it is formed by the Blue Nile and the White Nile River.
O - One out of four ingredients in medicines are from the African Rain forest.
P - Most people living in Africa are farmers. They don't own their land. Each family was allotted a portion of the land by the local village leader.
Q - Queen Cleopatra was born in Alexandrian. She ruled Egypt for some time. She fought fore power with her two brothers.
R - the religion of Islam was spread throughout western Africa through Muslim trade
s- Sahara desert is bigger then the continent of Australia
trade developed across Africa, major cities developed as censers for trade.
u-Ugnda is a landlocked contry in east Africa.
V- Very valuable things in trade are gold and salt.
W- Warriors in Africa kept peace and maintained power for the emperor.
X- the Xhosa are the second largest cultural gorp in Africa


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