My Goals Kimberly reyes


Permit & Driver Liscence

One of my one year goals is too get my permit and drivers license. I would like to achieve this goal because I would love to drive myself places legally.

Another goal that I want to achieve in a year is too become a better pianist because it is one of my passions.

I also want too become a better runner because it would be a pleasure to win state for XC and track.

Lastly another goal that i want to achieve in a year is too get straight A's because i want too have a good back round of good grades for colleges too look back on.


In 3 years my goal is too already be a graduate from Thunderbird High school I want too achieve this goal because i will be the first girl in my family too graduate.

Another goal that i want too achieve in three years is too have a high paying job i want too achieve this goal too help me pay for some of my college and to help people in need.

In 3 years i also want to get as many scholarships as i can too help me save some money.

Lastly, in 3 years i want too grow as much as I can and be wise in my descions as I progress with life.

My 5 Year Goals

In 5 Years I would like to be attending school at Grand Canyon University because I want too have a succesfull carreer as a nurse.

I also want too be a blessing in Kenya, Honduras, Africa wherever there is a need because it has been my dream too impact other peoples lives, and too experience how different life is for others.

I also want too be a coach for soccer because I enjoy playing soccer and would love to coach other passionate players.

Lastly, in 5 years i would love to get many promotions in my job i want too achieve this because i want to be known as a hard trustable worker.

My 10 Year goals

In 10 years one of my goals is too graduate as a doctor at Grand canyon university I want too achieve this goal because i want to go beyond than what i think i can do.

I also want to be married and have two kids because nothing is more beautiful than marriage and Kids.

I want too own my own house or apartment in 10 years because I want too be settled in with my family and not depend on my parents for a home.

Lastly, in 10 years i would love too travel the world because I want to explore many places and new things. I see a bright future ahead of me.


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