#WoofWednesdays Cooper's Adoption Success Story

Cooper (formerly known as Cedar) at HSTT

As many volunteers can attest, it's nearly impossible to spend time at a shelter and not want to take home at least one furry friend.

Colin was doing some community service work at HSTT when he met Cooper (formerly known as Cedar), and fell in love instantly. After a full 24 hours of non-stop hearing about him, Cori realized she needed to go meet this dog. An intro with their resident dog Chewbacca (aka Cheese) was all it took for Colin and Cori to be certain that it was meant to be.

Chewbacca (aka Cheese) and Cooper meet at HSTT

Cheese was about a year old at the time, and had grown up with another puppy back in Ocean City. He was getting a bit lonely without a sibling, and Cooper and Cheese were both extremely happy at the prospect of becoming brothers.

That was just the beginning of their brotherly love.

Cooper and Cheese, besties4ever

The two have become inseparable. Ball is their favorite game to play and the two of them can play around with one ball for hours by themselves.

Cori and Colin are from Ocean City, Maryland and came to California in November 2016 to experience a winter season in Tahoe. Though they loved all the snow and their time working at Squaw Valley, eventually they packed up the truck and roadtripped back to the east coast. The boys were not complaining, enjoying the trip either snuggled up in the truck, or catching the wind and the view out the window.

Cooper and Cori at the Grand Canyon during their road trip.

Now back in Maryland, Cooper is livin' the life. He absolutely loves going to the beach and playing in the ocean.

He's not too much of a beach bum for a little romp in the snow.

One of Cooper's nicknames is little bear because he’s so snuggly, just like a little teddy bear. This guy is definitely a momma's boy.

Cooper is a constant source of entertainment; there's no end to the derpy faces he makes and the silly positions he gets himself into.

Some of Cooper's best shots

For their first holiday season together, they made the ultimate commitment to family unity and got Cheese and Cooper matching Christmas sweaters. The boys didn't mind one bit.

Family Christmas Pajamas

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