Other Unfair Other unfair includes trademarks, telemarketer scams, and soliciting.

Toyota sued Geely for use of a similar trademark.
EA sued Energy Armor for trademark infringement.
Puma sued Pudel for trademark infringement.
Under Armour sued Uncle Martian for use of a similar trademark.
Session Breweries sued Sessions Law firm for trademark infringement.
Synergy is a telemarketing company that was taken to court for making illegal and annoying robo calls offering airline tickets, gas cards and NASCAR tickets.
There is an email scam in which the email seems to come from federal and state courts instructing recipients to report for a hearing, with a link containing “case details”, which is actually a computer virus.
These two people were taken to court for scamming a woman into signing a five-year service agreement with another company for a system that didn't work.
Starpreya is a coffee shop chain in Asia, such as South Korea, and Japan. They want it to be cancelled since it's confused for the U.S Starbucks. Starbucks wants this logo to be changed since it's confusing the public.
AG files suit against telemarketing groups. Two telemarketing firms accused of misleading customers and failing to

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