Childhood Obesity Channing McConnell, WRT1030-0029, 11-21-16, Clemson University

Childhood obesity is when a child is above their normal weight and height for their age. This disease affects children and adolescents. Based on my research, fast food is an significant factor in the development of childhood obesity

Grocery store moved farther from the low-income neighborhoods

Grocery stores have disappeared from the low-income neighborhoods and moved near the higher income neighborhoods. By this happening, low-income families don't have opportunities to get fresh, healthy foods. This leads to these neighborhoods to get cheap, unhealthy foods leading to obesity.

This is where most of the low-income neighborhoods are at in Belton, S.C.
This is the distance between most of the low-income neighborhoods and the grocery store in Belton, S.C.

Fast food moved closer to the low-income neighborhoods

Due to grocery store moving out from the low-income neighborhoods, the fast food restaurants have moved in to replace the grocery store. Fast Food restaurants offer the dollar menu. An low-income family can feed themselves with meals off the dollar menu then buying expensive, healthy foods.

These fast food restaurants and grocery market is on the opposite side from the low-income neighborhoods
McDonald's is one of the most popular and cheapest fast food restaurant.

Food Advertisements

Advertisements have been an affective part with children and adolescents eating unhealthy food products in this generation. Ads have appealed to children and adolescent by putting a popular cartoon character in their commercial, using toys, and a popular trend. Obesity in children increases the more hours they watch TV.

Yoplait used the wildly popular, Minions, to grab their young audience to eat GoGurts
McDonald's used Barry from The Bee Movie to appeal to children to eat McDonald's

Sources of images Bee Movie Mininons

Other images by Channing McConnell


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