We see a speaker, someone plays music. Close-up
Someone is cleaning a bloody knife. Over the shoulder shot.
That same person is now cleaning blood from the walls. Medium shot.
Now, we reveal Hernando, who is singing along with the music. Close up.
Hernando gets a beer, while we see a person laying dead on the floor. Wide shot. Fade to black.
From black. Hernando gets rid of his bloody gloves and puts on a new pair. close up of gloves.
Hernando has cleaned the crime scene perfectly. Medium-long shot.
He gets a picture out. In the picture we see Tati and her boyfriend, who Hernando just killed. Hernando crosses out the boyfriend's head. Now, he is going for Tati. Close up of the picture.
He hears the main door opening. Time to kill. Medium close up
Tati enters her house with a basket full of rose petals. She is on her cell phone. She says that she made plans with her boyfriend at seven, she has to get ready. Long shot.
Tati starts to try on some dresses. Medium shot.
She does not like this one. Medium shot.
Not this one. Medium Shot.
She likes this one. She is ready. Medium shot.
She starts to spread the petals around the house. She hears the doorbell. Long shot.

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