Tech Tip Thursday September 1, 2016

Bookmarks are a necessity in a browser but, if you have too many, they can take up a lot of real estate on your bookmark bar and eventually they will become lost in a long list of past bookmarks.

Chrome allows you to take away the words from your bookmarks and only leave the favicon! This frees up the real estate on your bar and allows you to have A LOT of icons in one convenient spot for easy access!

Here's how it works:

Open the Chrome browser.

Go to the URL that you want to save as a bookmark.

Click and drag the URL onto your bookmark bar.

You'll notice that at the far left of every URL there is an icon. It might be a green lock or look like a white piece of paper.


Click (and hold) this icon and drag it onto your bookmark bar. When you see a black line on the bookmark bar, let go of the mouse. The bookmark should appear on your bar in that spot.


Get rid of those pesky words!

Many popular sites will have a favicon, or image, for their website. This will allow you to take away the words and still know what the bookmark represents based solely on the icon. This allows you to add MANY more bookmarks to the bookmark bar!

Examples of favicons on a bookmark bar:

To delete the words of a bookmark, right click on the icon and select Edit....

Delete the text in the Name: field. DO NOT delete the URL. Then, click Save.

That's all there is to it!

Keep in mind that not all websites will have a favicon. If a website does not have a favicon, the icon will look like a blank piece of paper. For these sites, you will either want to leave or shorten the name so that you can still identify it.


To shorten the name of a bookmark, follow the same steps as above, but type in the shortened name in the Name: field rather than deleting the name entirely.

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