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Ancient Ghana

  • Ghana is located in Western Africa and is south of the Sahara Desert. The Average rainfall is 24" and the average temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The people of Ghana believed everything had a spirit, they also believed that they needed to make sacrifices to their deceased relatives.
  • The Ghana people bought and sold slaves, but normally sold more slaves then bought.
  • The currency was gold dust and they imported silk, cotton, glass beads, horses, mirrors, dates, and salts. They exported pepper, slaves, and gold. They used the silent bartering method and traded with North Africa and Muslims.
  • By the 800s, Ghana became very rich and powerful.
  • Men could have multiple wives and by the 1000s, the Ghana people became very skilled farmers.
  • Current Ghana's economy is slowly shrinking and is having some developmental problems. They are republic with an executive president.
Ancient Ghana

Ancient Mali

  • Ancient Mali was very hot and dry and was located near the Niger River for water and transportation.
  • The main religion was Islam, when the kings converted to this religion, surprising they did not make everyone in the empire convert.
  • Slaves in Ancient Mali produced food surplus, were prized for loyalty, and played an important role in the development of the empire.
  • Gold was used for currency and the people mainly imported salt and exported gold.
  • Mali was established around 1235 CE ad collapsed in 1600 CE. Sundiata Keita united the tribes which led them to conquer Ghana.
  • They had a caste system and the most respected class was the farmers. The people in this empire all spoke similar languages and dress for desert like temperatures.
  • Current Mali is a republic government. The social factors limit education to many women. Trade definitely helped the economy.

Ancient Songhai

  • Songhai is located south of the Sahara Desert and near the Niger River, a ery dry place.
  • The main religion of Ancient Songhai is Islam.
  • Slaves in Ancient Songhai were captives of war and were used to transport goods. They were sold to the Europeans and Americans.
  • The law is based off Islam and the culture was a mix of West African and Islam.
  • After the empire collapsed, it was divided into two separate smaller states.

Ancient Benin

  • Ancient Benin's climate was very hot and dry.
  • The main religion was Christianity.
  • Once caught, slaves had to walk in chains hundreds of miles just to be traded again.
  • In the trade system, there was a lot of negotiation and the traders refused to trade with anyone if they stole from them.
  • Many people were famers and he people of Benin were very intelligent and invented many things.
  • the children did not go to school, and they did not have a written language. The kids would gather around a campfire and listen to stories, that was their education.
  • Current Benin is democratic and the economy is slowly shrinking. There is also increasing poverty rates.

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