Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Make a commercial for a travel company

We have worked in Adobe Premiere Pro for the past two weeks in class and hopefully, each of you are feeling pretty good about your video editing skills! Now is your chance to show off what you know. You have been asked by a travel and tourism company to make a commercial. They have provided you with video and audio footage but you will have to choose which clips you are going to use! Follow the steps of creating a video and enjoy yourself!


Create a commercial for a travel company using Adobe Premiere Pro. There are several steps you will need to take to complete this assignment. Make sure you do all of the steps!

Your Challenge is to create a 30 second commercial. Yes, I said 30 seconds! Do not make it longer or shorter. Exactly 30 seconds! So how long should you make your commercial? THIRTY SECONDS. 3O SECONDS. THIRTY SECONDS. 30 SECONDS. THIRTY SECONDS!!!!!!!!! Any questions about how long your commercial should be? If so, ask your neighbor : )


Watch the following videos to give yourself some ideas. Think about what story your commercial will tell. Will it be a beach or cruise vacation? Skiing? Hiking in the mountains? Going to outer space? Disney World? It is your choice!

Here is a sample video that I put together.


Fill out the Video Editing: Create a Vacation Commercial Worksheet. Storyboard your ideas with the video clips and audio clips. This is a hardcopy, which means it is an actual piece of paper that you will need to get from the stack on my desk and then using a writing utensil to fill it out and then turn it in by the end of class! This MUST be done before you start editing your video in Premiere.


Your vacation commercial will need to include the following:

A hard copy of this is available and will be given to you in class.

The following is a 15 minute video that walks you through the steps of creating your commercial. It is similar to what we have learned in class. But remember! Your commercial is supposed to be 30 seconds long! This video shows it as 15 seconds so do not do that...make yours 30 seconds!!!!

The following buttons are links to free video clips, pictures and sounds. You may use other video clips and audio clips but please make sure that you do not infringe on another's copyright. If you would like to use your own video clips, pictures or sounds, you are more than welcome to do so!

The next several links include links and videos to help you learn more about working in Adobe Premiere.

If you are up for an even bigger challenge, write a script and record a voice over to add to your commercial. If you are up for an even bigger challenge, make your commercial 60 seconds long!!! (this is optional!)

When you are finished with this project, you will need to put everything in your Vacation Commercial Folder, compress it and submit it to Google Classroom!!!!



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