The Unknown Eye By Saif Ullah

Chapter 1 "The disappearing act."

"The fugitive has been spotted in Victoria Street!" A police officer shouted. Rushing towards the location , the unknown watches the police's hopeless hope in the capture of the unnamed fugitive. The fugitive is seen running into an alley . Two shots and a growing orange light coming out of the alley is as far as the cops went.

A month of chasing him ,every time he showed his face to sun light time he disappears , no cameras , no known witnesses , he always finds a way to disappear.

Commander John Alvarez has been sent in from Spain's best team of secret agents. To the drug cartels ,he is just another cop on the streets. Commander Alvarez worked alone, and had a tall muscular figure. He wears a slim fit suit all black suit with a large navy overcoat , a Berretta Cheetah is strapped to his left leg.

Two years worth of hunting , and all leads have come to an end. Commander Alvarez has not given up , he has missed two years of his daughter's child life. To find a fugitive that the Federal Bureau of Investigation have given up on . Commander Alvarez has denied any contact with his family "for their own safety," the Commander's excuse for working overtime...

Chapter 2 "The Fugitive"

"Yo ,Holt , got the installation yet.


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