Salem Climate Strike - 2019 Photos & Videos of inspiring Student Activism

Here's photos and videos I took at today's (September 20) Salem Climate Strike event on the steps of the Capitol building, plus my commentary. The student organizers described it this way.

Join us as we urge lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels to take action to combat climate change and as we rally in solidarity with youth across the globe who are also striking for climate action.

For sure. The 2020 presidential election is going to be especially important, given Trump's global warming denialism. But state and local elections are vital also. Every candidate needs to be asked their position on climate action.

Students organized the event, but there was a mix of all ages. A reincarnation of HB 2020 needs to pass the Oregon legislature next year, which, appropriately, is 2020.

So many great signs, with right-on sentiments. Such as, "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." We all need to do our part, no matter how small.

Worth a second look. I got the faces of the sign holders in this photo.

Today my wife listened to Fox News for a while, something I'm incapable of doing in fear my head will explode. Not surprisingly, she said the folks at Fox were doing the denial thing, wrongly claiming that the Earth isn't dangerously warming. Of course, it is.

I like signs with few words. I also like signs with lots of words. Here's what this one says: "Climate crisis! We must recognize we are in a climate emergency and act with urgency to reverse the damage we are causing to our planet ecosystems, flora, & fauna. The age of fossil fuels must END and only we can make that happen."

Here's a video of one of the chants at the Salem Climate Strike.

Climate change hits disadvantaged people particularly hard, since they have fewer options to move, adapt, and otherwise deal with the disastrous effects of global warming. Climate justice aims to even out the burdens.

Wise sentiment from a young person.

Web site doesn't exist yet. However, it is true that three billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970.

Nice play on words.

Here's my wife, Laurel, with her sign. No, you can't deny climate change -- if you want to accept scientific reality. Sadly, many people are deniers for various reasons: ignorance, politics, self-interest, plus others.

Recently the Salem City Club had a presentation on wildfires. Both speakers said that climate change has made the fire season hotter, drier, and windier. All bad for fire fighting.

Here's the reverse of the "Stop the burning" sign.

So true. Humans now are the greatest force impacting our planet. That's why many want to call our age the Anthropocene.

Here's a video I made of a talk by one of the student organizers of the Salem Climate Strike, who I believe is Eddy Binford-Ross of South Salem High School. I started recording right after her name was announced. Anyway, this was a great talk by an inspiring young activist. Well worth the watching.

Extinction rebellion. I hadn't heard of this before, but it's a movement.

One of the speakers at the Salem Climate Strike event, whose name I failed to remember.

We disrespect Mother Earth at our own peril.

Especially if you're the one going extinct. Hopefully it won't be humanity.

All the speakers were inspiring. Back in my high school days, 1962-66, I never could have imagined organizing something like this. Student activism didn't exist. At least, not much. We did get irritated when there was a crackdown on -- shock! --- boys with "Beatles" haircuts. But we didn't really protest it.

Couldn't agree more.

I sure hope this sign comes true.

Young Batman is sending out an urgent alert.

A sign that sums up a central theme of the Salem Climate Strike.

Horn blowing from some Jewish folks.

Good message to end with.

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