Place where chaparrals live

Chaparrals are founded in the west coast of United States, the west coast of South Africa, the western western tip of Australia and the coastal areas of the Mediterranean.

In the winter is very mild and is usually about 50 f (10c).The summer is hot and dry at up to 100f (37.5c)Most chaparral plants have large, hard leaves, which hold the chaparral often have root systems designed to get as much water as possible.


The plants are also very well adapted to fires. The plants are all mainly grassland and desert types adapted to hot, dry weather.


There are also animals like coyotes, jack rabbits, mule deer, alligator lizards, horned toads, praying mantis, honey bees andlady bug and birds.

In California, a main concern associated with the chaparral is the large human populations that live in and around this biomes.

In different places are called like In Europe it is called the maquis, Australia has the mallee, Chile the matorral, and South Africa calls it fynbos. It is also called the Mediterranean Forest, Woodland, and Scrub biome. The chaparral biome has many different types of terrain. Some examples are flat plains, rocky hills and mountain slopes.



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