New York By: Jensen

Map of America showing where New York is


New York is located in the northeast part of the country. New York city is in the lower east side of the state. Long Island and Staten Island parts of the city. New York is 306 miles long and is the most populated city's in America. it is also the biggest city in the country and will remain that way. in 2015 there was an estimated eight million people living in New York.

The Start

The Dutch purchased Manhattan island from the native Americans in 1625 then they formed the city of New Albany. in 1664 the Dutch surrendered New Albany to the British. the British then renamed the city New York after the duke of York. after the revolution New York city was the capital of the United States form 1785 until 1780.

The Statue of Liberty

A gift from France

The statue of Liberty was given to America from France. it was built out of bronze and weighed 450,000 pounds. it was given to us on October 28, 1886. it is a symbol of freedom to the immigrants coming to America. The Statue of Liberty is the first thing immigrants see. The statue resembled Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi's mother. he was also the creator of the statue.

Potato showing how the food was affected in Ireland

Great Famine

During the Great Famine the Irish fled to America from the lack of food. disease and starvation killed as many as one million people. over 200,000 fled to the United States and now represents 25 percent of the population in New York.

New York City skyline

Other History

A steam ship caught fire in 1904 killing 1,021 people it was the second biggest death accident 9/11 was the first. On September 11, 2001 Al-quita crashed two planes into the world trade centers. and one into the pentagon. this killed over 2,000 people and started the war against terrorism. On March 8, 2008 a small bomb exploded in Times Square. there where no reported injuries but after that security was increased.

Times Square

Times Square

Times Square is the busiest streets in New York. it is an intersection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. over 330,000 people walk or drive through Times Square daily and over 460,000 on its busiest days. around Times Square you can visit the mm's store, the movie theaters, the vast variety of food restaurants. you can watch Good Morning America from the ABC's Times Square studio. Did you know that Times Square was actually named Longacre Square. it was renamed Times Square after the New York Times Newspaper company moved into Times Square. Billboards cover the buildings around times Square making it well at night illuminated at night.

Culture of New York


New York City has a rich culture and is the most diverse city in america. New York City is 50 percent white. New York city also has a rich gang culture, there are over 300 gangs in New York. These gangs are responsible for most of the shootings. New York had a big influence on dance and music, New York was one of the first City's to create types of rap and jazz. New York is also home to the headquarters of the NFL, NBA, ext... the city is also home to Marvel Comics.

things you can do in New York City

What can you do

there are many things to do in New York City. you can visit the Statue of liberty and climb to the top. you can go watch a show at the Broadway theater. or you can even go to times square and watch the ball drop on new years eve. there are plenty of malls and stores for you to visit.

New Years

New York City holds one of the biggest New Years celebration by counting down the last ten seconds and dropping a huge ball. this tradition stared in 1907 the ball was made out of wood and iron and was lit by 100 light bulbs. the celebration is visited by over 90,000 people and over 1 million people watch it on TV. during the celebration confetti is blasted everywhere leaving the cleaning crew to pick up around 50 tuns of garbage.


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