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My name is Rose I am from brazil I came with my mom , dad and my sister. I was 9 when I was on the bout and my sister was 3. It was hard to get my sister on because well she is to little. But we got her on. We were in steerage. We found what we can and made a house. My dad and I would sneak up to first class and steel food. when the first time I saw the statue of liberty my parents started to cry my sister and I were like what is happening. then we did the button thing hurt a little.We got a good home we got a few of the statue of liberty.

The country that I came from.
  • The torch is for liberty or fredom
  • The tablet is a symbol for law and goverment
  • She stands on a broken chain that stands for fredom
  • the statue of liberty is made with thin sheets of coper
  1. I liked the audio because it is interesting to here about the other people.
  2. I liked the pics because they are cool to see.
  3. I liked the story because the story is so cool to see what happened to them.


Ellis Island interactive tour

brianpopJr statue of liberty

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