fracking safe or not? by:Stephanie shirey

who regulates the oil and natural gas wells? the federal commission regulates the usage of these wells but the state decides is it is right for wells for be placed there or not.

steps of frackig

fracking is the extraction of natural gas from the ground.

as you can see above fracking is considered new because other countries still aren't using it very much and are still learning about it like in India they aren't predicted to be using it more until about 2035. fracking is also considered new because we don't know all the effects of fracking fully yet.

a major issue of fracking is the effects it has on our water. fracking can leak harmful chemicals into out water and air. funny thing is if its under a certain limit there actually aloud to still sell the water if it has only "a little bit" of those chemicals in the water we drink. i don't feel fracking is good for our country because even though we may not know all the effects yet once we do it will all hit at once and by that time it will be to late.
this is a protest much like many others happening
fracking can also put those harmful chemicals into our air, killing birds, and insects and other animals.
due to the chemicals in the water it has caused WATER to be flammable
if you frack too much in one place you can damage the ground and its structure causing it to concave or even alter the tectonic plates causing an earthquake.


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