Science unites people from all tribes and walks of life. Whether we differ in political ideology, scientific facts apply to us all. Kennedy Oyugi, Agricultural Economist

On 22 April 2017 Scientists took to the streets to commemorate World Earth Day. PHOTO/ABSF
With one voice, they called on the government for increased funding and policies based on scientific evidence. PHOTO/ABSF
“The government needs to support and increase funding for science. Students and researchers need resources to ensure adequate learning research that will avail credible evidence for decision making.” Valarie Marani: University Student taking Chemical Engineering
They also called on the government to avail solutions such as the drought tolerant and insect-resistant genetically modified maize should be allowed to go through the National Trials. 'This would avail the information needed for Kenyans to know how good the maize is. The maize can help address the prevailing agricultural challenges such as army worms and droughts'. Paul Chege, a biological scientist.
The message was clear: Science has solutions for most of the problems faced by Kenya and humanity in general. PHOTO/ICOSEED

“The government needs to harness the abundant scientific skills in among the youth in Kenya for industrialization and employment creation”. Kevin Oyale: Recent graduate from University of Nairobi

An agricultural country like Kenya needs to embrace science for realization of vision 2030.

Let's aspire to bring smiles to farmers' faces.

Let's embrace modern agricultural tools as a solution to adverse effects of climate change.

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