The Divine Play by ar-thi choonhapong

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was a superb production carried out by an amazing cast. I did not know what to expect in this performance for I am not a frequent audience of live plays. However, this production stunned me. The experience of sitting in front of the stage while actors performed moved me. I sensed the mood and tone of the performance as the lighting, sound, and set constantly changed to complement the scenes. Being in the auditorium and seeing the actors first-hand has raised my awareness of the intense effort that cast members put in. It takes a dozen elements from technical enhancements to emotional acting to give audiences a unique experience. The themes raised in the play reflect a perpetual issue that we all face in our lives. I think that the play sends a message to us about how suffering dwells in our everyday lives and how we must continue firmly in our paths to move forward. This is exemplified through Michaud's aspiration to become a playwright even though he has no experience and no prior knowledge to the subject he is writing about. Michaud serves as a symbol that represents the desire of the good life.

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