Who has the best French Fries in 06880? by: nicky brown '19 and bri zeiberg '19

Whether you are in school, getting an after school snack or just eating lunch, there is one universal food that can usually satisfy almost anyone's taste buds, french fries. All around Westport there are many different places to get fries. Anything from shoestring, curly, waffle, crinkle, or even cheese fries, Westport has it all. However, we know how busy all the students are and not everybody has time to sit at a restaurant to order a meal with a side of fries. So our mission was to find the best fast food french fries in Westport.

Shake Shack, McDonald’s, and Five Guys are some of Westport’s most favored fast food chains that are notorious for their french fries. These three places are easy and quick restaurants and have a wide variety of items on their menus.

We decided to try all three and declare who truly has the best french fries. Our ideal taste for good fries included, crispy, light, and salty. We also wanted a good sized portion for a decent price.

Our first stop was Shake Shack, which is located on the Post Rd East, which is relatively close to Staples making for a nice and quick after school snack. . Shake Shack is a popular place to grab a bite, so immediately we recognized some familiar faces. The line was not too long and we were able to get a table very easily. We sat in the booth staring at the buzzer, patiently waiting for it to buzz.

After getting our food we noticed it was nicely presented on a silver tray and the fries were cleanly placed. The small portion of fries was reasonable for the price of $2.99. A weekly Shake Shake eater said that the main reason he loves Shake Shack is for the quality of the fries that you “just can’t get that anywhere else.” Veneruso ’19 said. The fries also paired very well with our shakes which is a plus. We immediately fell in love with the fries and were ready to see if our next stops could top Shake Shack

Our second stop was McDonald's. The famous golden arches that greeted us are just as famous as the acclaimed french fries that they serve. We walked into a pretty empty setting and after ordering our fries, within seconds we were handed a brown paper bag with the fries inside. Right away we noticed that the portion was smaller than Shake Shack’s size. You really are paying for what you get due to the extremely low price of $1.39.

Overall, McDonald’s fries came in a close second. The fries perfectly fixed our cravings and we were very satisfied. However, we would not recommend eating these fries a lot, due to health reasons. “Shake Shack has better flavor because it doesn't rely on salt like McDonald's does” Kendall Kowalsky ’19 said. If you are looking for very salty fries McDonald’s is definitely your go-to.

Before trying our last stop, Five Guys, we decided to ask an avid french fry and burger eater on his opinion on which fries he likes best of the three, “The fries at Five Guys are crispier than McDonald's and Shake Shack which is essential for a good fry.” Jared Wainshal ’19 said.

After hearing this opinion we were prepared for these to be the best of the three restaurants. We ordered a small fry for the price of $3.09, which came with a lot of fries. We were handed a brown bag which we thought would just have the small cup of fries. However, the bag had more than a full cups more of fires included into it.

In the end our verdict was that we liked Shake Shack the best. McDonald’s came at a close second and lastly Five Guys was our least favorite. We based this off of the size of the portion, taste and price. These three things are important to Staples students who are looking for a snack on budget.

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