My Lifetime Goals Created by: Christian B. Silmone

My One Year Goals

Gain more knowledge on Writing - To further expand my mind on how to properly write more efficiently and professionally, I would want to pursue on analyzing and further studying different techniques regarding the subject of writing.

Learn more about my Family's history - In recent times, my parents have provided me several stories about their personal lives and struggles, along with their families back in the Philippines. I intend to seek out more tales to sympathize and comprehend their life in the Philippines.

Read the Bible - As a way to further understand my family's religion, I would love to read the entirety of the bible and bring in a new perspective around the world. In addition, I would also want to improve my own individuality while also assisting other people around me.

Visit more Art Museums - In the past three years, my cousins and I have visited several museums that have captivated my mind and sparked various ideas. In order to continue these events, I would love to visit other museums around the state, or even the country.

My Three Year Goals

Shoot a short film - Ever since becoming fascinated on the production and method of film making, I would want to form a small team and produce a short film to test out my ability on shooting a short length film.

Write a short story - Having reading many riveting and engrossing novels, I would love to write my own story that will hopefully benefit my own mind to entice more creative ideas.

Gain some understanding on Psychology - Recently, I have become quite invested on the mysterious manners of the human mind and how they can become affected over various influences. Gaining more understanding on this would likely benefit me on comprehending other individual's state of mind.

Enroll in College - In order to study more vividly on the subjects of writing and psychology, I would love to attend a college to provide me more knowledge on those topics.

My Five Year Goals

Visit tropical islands - From my past experiences in the Philippines, I have toured in a fair amount of tropics and islands but never fully explored and observed its diverse environment. For these reasons, I would like to dig more deeper on the aspects of the tropics.

Examine Ancient Relics - Paralleling back to my interests in ancient arts, an extensive goal of it would include the opportunity to have a closer examination on those relics. This can include looking through the deep history of these artifacts to understand their origins and purpose.

Visit my Filipino family - As years have passed on, I begin to wonder how my family in the Philippines are going on through life. With this developing eagerness becoming more apparent over time, it has become a goal for me to visit them within the next five years.

Return to the Philippines - Along side visiting my family, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to return to my family's homeland and reminisce my childhood. I especially would love to see the old residents that I used to live in as a child.

My 10 Year Goals

Become a Filmmaker - From the huge influx of films that I have viewed throughout the years, I have become quite curious on pursuing a potential career as a filmmaker. Throughout the past year, I have began inspecting more closely on the technicalities of films - which has allowed me to become intrigued on the subject of filming.

Become a Writer - Since becoming interested in stories and novels from my English Honors classes, I found myself becoming more invested on reading more books than previous years. In turn, this allowed me to think more vividly and establish a more creative mind through various tinkering of ideas. And I would love to publish those ideas into a story.

Become a Game Designer - Throughout the early years, I have always found video games as an engrossing feature of my life. However, I have now also become attentive on the technical side and would love to pursue on independently creating my own game with limited restrictions.

Become a Psychologist - From the numerous amount stories and documentaries centering on elements of psychology, I found myself captivated on looking into pursuing this career to help other people with their internal struggles and determine a natural way to distinguish them.

Created By
Christian Silmone


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