Life of Rex Rescued from a life of misery

My name is Todd, and this is the story of an adorable pup named Rex. His life started difficult and ended difficult, but he never let it get him down. When he found his way into my family, he became the center of attention. Below is a tearful message from one of the women that pulled him out of his misery.

Bren, "Back in 2007, this little guy, eventually named Rex, was living a life that was bound to lead to a horrible life existence deep in the Ocala National Forest. During our Ocala visit, we came upon him living under a porch covered in fleas, filled with tapeworms, and living amongst the resident's trash that was overflowing with maggots.

Cabin in Ocala National Forest
Sweet Rex, didn't know there was a great life ahead.

We convinced the residents to let us bring him to Orlando so he could be adopted. That's when Pet Rescue by Judy entered the picture. After reaching out to Judy to see if she could help, for the first time, I heard the words, "Can you foster him?". We did foster Rex and this cute pup quickly found his forever home. His adoptive dad reached out to let me know that Rex had passed away after his health had been managed for Cushing's Disease, and then recently finding that Rex had an abdominal mass that was discovered to be an aggressive form of cancer. All dog and cat foster animals are special, but being the first, Rex is especially memorable."

After Rex had been rescued, he still found comfort in the dirt.

A cleaner life after being rescued by two brave women.

Playing with his new brother Buddy in his forever home.

Content, fully belly, and worn out.

He loved his food. When he was a puppy he would bring his bowl to you, when it was time to eat. Sometimes even when it wasn't time to eat.

A very traumatic bath takes a little extra loving.

He started looking for his "SPOT" as a pup. You will notice in many pictures, his spot is on the left side of the couch.

Found it!

Rex and Buddy participating in Papa's game. It really wasn't a game, I was tripped by two hungry dogs!

So tired! Snuggled up with his favorite bear.

No one told me Texas would be cold!!!

What do you mean, get off the bed?

Rex is alone after his brother Buddy passed away from cancer.

A new brother. Not too sure about the guy!

Does he have to get so close??

His, I didn't do it, but I think that other guy might have done it, look.


My spot, so happy.

This other guy isn't too bad, I'll help you train him... Tomorrow.

So tired, can't drag my paws out of bed.

You said this would be exactly like my couch.

A what?

OMG, they turned me into a Christmas picture.

A third brother. Isn't this house already full, and why does he have to lay next to me? (Rex already dealing with the Cushing's disease at this point)

I want to rest, and he won't leave me alone.

We didn't know it yet, but the cancer was already starting to eat away at his muscle mass.

This is how we will always remember him. A lovable goofy boy.

Rex had a full and exciting life. As a puppy he moved from a forest to a big city. He went from having two moms to eventually having two dads. He moved from warm central Florida to the hot and cold of northern Texas. I can tell you he was not a fan of the cold Texas winters, even if they are short.

Rex lived through his first brother Buddy passing away from cancer. He trained not one, but two new puppy brothers. He was in the process of finishing the training of his second puppy, when he passed away.

Rex will always be remembered for his heart, coming from the dirt of the forest, touching two families hearts.

Created By
Todd Ruffner-Schoenfeld


Photos by Bren Bedford & Todd Ruffner-Schoenfeld

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