From the Headmaster:

Such a memorable week, such a memorable term!

The celebration of performing arts at The Rose Theatre on Friday was just that, a true celebration of the impressive range of arts we enjoy. What stood out was the confidence and general aplomb with which the children sang, danced and performed. We are just collating the video which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in due course. In the meantime do enjoy the images contained within this edition of the Deerstalker. I would like to thank all of you who managed to alter commitments and work to attend, it was a delight to see so many smiles (and a few proud tears!)

Neighbours and your help!

If I may ask for your help with a small number of things I would be most grateful.

We do enjoy good relationships with our neighbours but a significant frustration expressed to us is the parking in the neighbouring driveways and across exit points. Please help us by not parking either in the drive of Dean Court or in the parking spaces of Belvedere Court directly opposite the school.

We have addressed various elements of our after school provision to make collection as straight forward as possible but would be grateful if you might note the following -

Collection of children attending after school activities should be from the side gate at 5pm

Collection of nursery (full time) children should be from the main entrance

Serving the evening meal is quite an involved process, as I am sure you can appreciate! In order to provide a detailed 'hand over' about the day and adventures enjoyed as well as supervising the evening meal, we would be most grateful if you could avoid collection 5pm-5.10pm, if at all possible!


Finally, and I know it is one of the many things that you already know, but please don't feel that I only stand at the gate to 'simply' welcome you and your children into school each day.

I am also there to speak with.

It may be the weather, the weekend rugby score or even to double check dates or events with, but I also hope that you feel able to speak with me about any aspect of school life.

We, as a staff, are simply here to give our children the best.

If you are unsure about anything please speak with me; it will only ever be taken in the spirit of making Park Hill even better.

As you know, we are a member of the Independent Schools Association, an association of over 500 independent schools across the UK. You will be aware that we regularly take part in their regional and national events and have enjoyed much success recently in the Art competition as well as sporting pursuits such as triathlon and athletics and swimming. Well, now we can add drama to that list. Two of our many talented children took part in the Shakespeare monologue competition, Rachel and Sarah. I have included their performances below for you to enjoy. The judges described Rachel's performance as follows "Great stuff from Rachel as Macbeth, who gave a truly creepy performance." The judges then went on to describe Sarah's performance as a 'standout performance, both in staging and execution. A really dramatic, convincing performance as Macbeth. Loved this one!"

So standout, I am delighted to inform you that Sarah achieved first place in the national competition! Many, many congratulations!

It has been a most enjoyable Spring Term with many memorable moments to reflect upon. I do enjoy reading back through the newsletters and seeing the many successes from each class, let alone how quickly our children are clearly growing!

I do hope that you all enjoy your Easter break. The summer term promises to be a particularly busy one!

Yours sincerely,



I am hoping that those of you who have already had the need to contact AlleyCatz have been very happy with the service received.

I can confirm that all items of school uniform are now in stock. These include the Prep School summer blouse, new soft shell fleece jacket, beanie hat, games kit, school bag and games haversack.

We are naturally proud of our uniform and are delighted that we are in the position with AlleyCatz to have the confidence that all items are in stock and available.

Please follow this link to access the order form for AlleyCatz and to view the uniform items for the summer term.

Children are expected to return to school after the upcoming Easter break in their summer uniform.

Naming Uniform

We do our very best to return lost property but we do come up against the challenge of nameless items. We would be grateful if you could please ensure that every piece of clothing (including shoes) are clearly labelled, ideally with a sewn in name tag. If possible, please ensure these labels are attached in the neckline of tops/ coats and in the back waistband of bottoms to help with easy identification.

Collection Arrangements - Safeguarding

We would be most grateful if any messages regarding collection are passed at the gate with Mrs Watts or Mrs Blower, emailed or called through to the office and not left with the teacher.

Similarly, we would also be grateful if any last minute changes to collection (from 2.30pm) are called through to the School Office and not emailed to ensure the message has been received.

Celebration of Performing Arts

Those of us truly fortunate enough to have been at the Rose Theatre on Friday we’re witness to the utterly impressive range and breadth of performing art talent we have at Park Hill. I will let the photographs do the talking but my goodness me, what a morning!

Mother’s Day Assembly

Reception Boat Testing

A rather welcome return of the sun enabled the Reception children to test their aquatic creations at Richmond Park on Thursday. A few wet feet sloshed home that afternoon but it cannot take away from a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Hockey vs Westbury House

The weather was perfect for a most entertaining morning of hockey against Westbury House on Tuesday. Well done to all of the children who played with much determination and skill.

We have our own inter house fixtures on Tuesday. As a reminder, children must wear mouth guards/gum shields for hockey. Without this essential piece of protection we cannot allow children to play with the hard ball and sticks for their safety.

Social Media

There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Notices and Reminders

Triathlon team cycle training 1st April - please ensure bikes and helmets are brought to school on Monday.

Inter-house hockey - Tuesday 2nd April (10.30am - 12.00pm)

Reception trip to Pizza Express - Tuesday 2nd April (morning) - no games lesson.

End of term - Wednesday 3rd April 12.30pm (school and nursery closed for staff training) no lunch to be served.


Yash - coat

News from Year 5 and Year 4

An exhilarating week where the talent in Year 4 and 5 was presented for all to see in a week that came to a stunning conclusion on Friday morning.

Mr Bond may elaborate more on the Park Hill Performance at the Rose Theatre, but it was such a privilege as class teacher to see all of Year 4 and 5’s performing skills in music, singing, dancing and acting on display. Miss Georgina and Mrs Ballie as well as many other staff have worked hard with the pupils to produce such a stunning show, and it was great to see pupils behave immaculately pre-show and during the performance. It was a long morning and pupils pulled through, especially on the bus ride back to school with pupils tired and eager for lunch. Bravo!

Our performances didn’t culminate just on Friday at the Rose Theatre. There were exceptional performances at Church for the Mother’s Day Assembly on Thursday, as well as the hockey game against Westbury House on the Tuesday.

I’m pleased to say it was an overall victory for Yr 4 and 5 over Westbury House, ending our barren winless streak against them (recently in the football). Amazing efforts were had by all the teams that played with strong defending and dynamic attacking.

The Mother’s Day Assembly, brought out the sensitive side of pupils as they proudly read out their free-verse poems which they wrote independently during lesson time. Without much practice, pupils were able to learn their poems off by heart, and with little guidance performed exceptionally and professionally, demonstrating their confidence in front of large audiences.

To further amaze me, on Wednesday through to Friday, our classroom has been invaded by a number of battle fortifications, moats, draw bridges and portcullises. The Medieval Castles that have arrived have simply blown us away. Meticulous craftsmanship with card, lego and a range of materials have shown off the creative skills of Form 4 and 5 as they have revelled creating their architectural masterpieces. An exhibition will be on display this Monday.

A wonderfully creative week with more art to follow for the Easter Holidays. Excellent work Year 4 and 5.

News from Year 3

Year 3 have spent the week building up to our production at The Rose and our Mother’s Day Assembly. When choosing our poem to recite, I was really impressed how the class worked together to perform with great gusto!

We also enjoyed using our using our collage skills to make beautiful cards in art along with painting a jar for a candle holder.

In English along with the poetry recital we created our own poems for Mother’s Day.

In Science we have been investigating how light travels in straight lines, trying to work out what was in a sealed box!

It has been a joy to see Year 3 gain confidence performing on the stage and wanting to have increasingly bigger roles in our productions.

News from Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed many things this week. We started this week with a review of our adventure school abilities, with knots, shelters and cooking all put to test. A discovery about the bones prompted much discussion, and we began our poems for Mother’s Day.

As the week progressed, so did we. Our poems began to come together and take on an interesting and repetitive nature. Maths work was ordered in columns and some truly tough sums were solved by members of year 2. The children were working hard in performing arts to prepare for the big event on Friday.

More maths and English dominated the end of the week, with French, Art, and music playing their parts as well. Their poems fully completed and a excellent cards created, the children ended their week solving sums and singing beautifully in the Rose Theatre.

News from Year 1

For Mother’s Day we decided to create silhouette portraits for our mothers. A silhouette is an image generally of a person represented as a solid shape in a solid colour. First, we explored shadow art, using the sun as a light source to capture our profiles. The next stage was to use a profile photograph as a template for cutting.

The classic technique of cutting with a template or sketch ( hollow cut or cut and paste) proved challenging and so our final process was to use the drawing function onKeynote. The iPads really supported our ability to succeed.

News from Reception

A fun filled week made by all! Our week concluded of many learning opportunities inspired by each and everyone of us. At the beginning of the week in PSCHE, the children read the story: ‘Fill a Bucket A guide to daily happiness,’ by Carol McCloud. The children made their own buckets and have been filing them with messages all week; proud moments and happy kind gestures which has been very pleasing to see. This followed into writing their own friendship potions which I must say were very sweet.

With our clock being returned by the time thief, it ensured we regularly looked at the clock to tell the time! “The clock thief will not come back now,” James quotes. Following the investigation, the children set up their own obsticle course which tested not just their agility, but speed, special awareness, risk and coordiantion. They used the stop watch to measure their time. They even got the teachers racing against each other too! You can view this on tapestry!

In Maths, the children used the water tray to explore capacity. They measured and compared capacity using different sized cylinders and containers.

Thank you for completing your boat homework - they were all terrific and created with great imagination and independency. The children had a fantastic time testing whether these sailed down the stream and how fast they took. We recorded our times and will be looking at our data next week.

With Mothering Sunday, the children have taken part in many Art tasks demonstrating their artistic flair and ability. You will receive these gifts on Sunday. We also hoped you enjoyed the Mother’s Day assembly that the children planned and rehearsed all by themselves. I hope you all have a great weekend. There has been no homework set this weekend, however the children will be set some Easter homework on Wednesday. Thank you.

News from Second Steps

This week Second Steps have been busy singing and creating some beautiful Mother’s Day cards. The children blew us away on Friday with their performance at the Rose theatre, they sung their hearts out and it was amazing to see them standing on such a big stage and all perform with such confidence.

For our mother’s day assembly the children sung a song about how their mothers are the queen on their heart. We hope you enjoyed reading your cards which were made with so much love.

Next week we are looking forward to engaging in some beautiful spring and Easter activities.

News from First Steps

Another great week in First Steps. As the sun and warmer weather has appeared again we have been making the most of playing outdoors.

Sand play with sand castles and dinosaurs and hiding in the play house from monsters has been the favourite.

In woodland school we went round the school grounds to see if we could find any spring flowers. We found yellow daffodils, pink tulips, little blue flowers, little white flowers, we think is wild garlic and pink and white flowers on our Magnolia tree. We collected petals from the ground to look at the colours, then made pink and white flowers for our classroom tree. The children has started to learn about Easter and will continue Easter activities next week.

We have been looking at and beginning to recognising numbers up to 20, using songs and rhymes it help us. Five little ducks, Once I caught a fish alive, How any fingers on one hand.

In our sport lesson we were working on our core strength, going from straight legs to crossed. Making star shapes, moving arms and legs in and out.

The children have been very busy making Mother’s Day cards and a special treat just for our mummies.

On Thursday we went to church and sung Twinkle twinkle little star to our mummies. There will be a link attached for you to watch it if you were unable to attend.

The children were so well behaved and sung so well.

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