Adobe Spark EDU Examples Spark in K-12

5 year old's project in Spark Page (with embedded Spark Video) on the Five Senses.

5 year old kindergarten student counts from 1 to 10 in this self-made Spark Video (created with Spark on iPad).

High school history and social studies project presented in poster form using Spark Post.

4th year video book report create in Spark Video.

This is one of a large library of book reports, all online on the classroom webpage.

Elementary grade project in Spark Page showing fractions using images of food. All images are from Spark's integrated Creative Commons image search.

Teacher video to help students with their math homework, created in Spark Video.

4th grade history project on the Gold Rush, a multi-student Spark Video collaboration advertising moving Out West.

Preschool project showing ways to make 10, using Spark Post and included free icons library.

Highschool research and writing assignment. The first link is the teacher's instructions created in Spark Page..

The next links are examples of student work, also created using Spark Page.

Highschool trip report on the New York Graffiti scene, created with Spark Page.

Australian language teacher uses Sprk Video to create Japanese practice lessons.

To get started with Adobe Spark in your classroom, visit spark.adobe.com/edu.

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