football By: Kacper WoroszyƂo

7:00 am, Theo's alarm buzzes. It is April 8th 2018, and it is early in the morning for Theo. Theo grabs his phone and calls his mate Charlie. "Whats up man, are you up yet?" Asks Theo. " Yea, i'm up, we're supposed to go to field today right?" Says Charlie. "Yea, Yea, i'm getting dressed i'll be there in 30 minutes. Theo gets ready gets his cleats and heads towards the field.

Driving to the field

Theo arrives at the field and it was really foggy, Charlie arrives a minute later and they get ready to record a youtube video. As they are setting everything up they spot a man in the distance looking at them. Theo and Charlie look at each other and ask "Do you know who he is?"

Location for Youtube video

After Theo and Charlie made their youtube video the man starts walking towards them. "Why is he walking towards us?" Asked Theo. " I don't know." says Charlie "Hello, I'm the head manager of a private soccer academy and I want you guys to try out. I've been watching you and you play very good, call me and we can set up a training for someday in the next week." says the person "Ok, great that sounds like an amazing idea." says Theo. The two boys get home and start texting each other asking if they are even that good. They were really nervous but excited at the same time. A week goes by and here comes the big day. Theo and Charlie are going to try out for a soccer academy. "What do you think of this?" asks Theo as they arrive to the training ground. " I think it's an amazing experience for us. We've never done this before." says Charlie.

Training at academy

"Ugh training was really hard." says Theo " I wonder if the coach will take us." says Charlie. The two boys get home and Charlie invites Theo over, Theo and Charlie started playing Fifa 18 "What if we actually make it into the professional league" Charlie joked" Ring Ring the Theo's phone rang. "Hey this is the manager here i just want to inform you that you and Charlie made it into the academy." says that manager. "Charlie, Charlie, guess what we've made it into the academy!" Says Theo cheerfully.

Soccer Academy

A couple of weeks go by and the Theo and Charlie are getting much better at soccer. The coach and all the players like how they play. Next thing you know Charlie and Theo receive new cleats from the team and are one of a kind. The coach really likes the two players and wants to work with them for a long time. The coach invites Charlie and Theo to his office after training.

Managers Office

" So, i've seen you boys play really well in the past few day and thats why you are here today. Even though you have been at the academy for almost two months now, I want to promote you into a higher league." says the coach. " Thank you, Thank you." Charlie says. The two are really excited and can't wait to play soccer again. About a week goes by and Theo and Charlie are invited to the managers office again. "Ok, yesterday I received a transfer offer for both of you to join leeds united, a team in England, would you be willing to join it?" Asks the manager. " Yes please." The two boys say. This has been their dream ever since they were little so this was a big moment for them.

Contract to Leeds United
Leeds United headquarters

"Oh mate, this is unbelievable!" Says Theo " I can't believe we have made it this far." Says Charlie. The first training for Charlie and Theo roles around and they are really happy. "Today we will be introducing two new players that go by the name of Theo Baker and Charlie Morley." Says the head coach. The first game of the season was coming up this weekend and it was very important to get a win.

Elland Road Stadium
First game of the season

"Pass, Pass!" Yells Theo. The game starts off to a rough start Leeds are down 1-0 in the first half, It is halftime know. " What happened out there, the opponents are not that good, they let in a lucky goal. We need to concentrate. The second half kicks of and leeds are playing much better. It is the 88' minute and Theo has the ball from outside the box, he has a go at the goal and scores a banger. Everyone celebrates but leeds need another goal. it is the 90' minute and Charlie grabs the ball dribbles through everyone and scores like Messi. The game finishes and Leeds win the game. This has caught the eye of major big teams in the English Premier League and.

Cup game against Fulham

After The season Leeds have an amazing season of 36-5-6. Leeds won the league and can buy and sell players. Leeds United head manager gets a call from Jose Mourinho the head coach of Manchester United. "Hello, this is Jose. I've seen your team play in many games and what caught my eye were these two boys I think there names are Theo and Charlie. I am willing to buy these two players for 45 million pounds. What do you think of that deal. Send me an email if you are interested." says Mourinho. The manager thinks about it and finally makes a decision.

The boys go into the managers office. " I have recently had a call with Jose Mourinho and he said he wants to buy you guys for 45 million pounds. I said yes and all you have to do is to sign the contract and your playing for one of the best clubs in the world." says the manager. "Thank you Thank you!" Say the two players in joy.

Manchester united training complex.

"Wow, This place is stunning." Says Theo. The boys walk in and get a welcome from the head coach Jose Mourinho. "Hello, how are you boys," Says Mourinho. " Ready for your first training here." "Yes we are." Says Charlie. The boys get home after practice and can't wait till their first game. they are playing in the highest division yet. The Big day finally comes, the first game of the season. Theo and Charlie are starting in the lineup for the game.

First Game At Man. Utd
Manchester United winning the EFL cup

Game after game the team and everyone were winning games until one night. Charlie and was driving his car and out of no where and BOOM a car hit into him. Charlie was left unconscious.

Charlie's car crash

Charlie woke up a week later after being in a comma. Theo and Charlie's family was in the hospital with him hoping he would wake up. What actually happened was that Charlie suffered a career ending leg injury. The whole team came to see him and tried to support him as much as possible. Theo went on to play for Manchester United for another 10 years.

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