Candy Artistic but no good for you.

52 week Photography Challenge - Week 6

Riding the Sugar High

Oh Sugar, Oh Candy...

Chameleon, colorful and charming

Always alluring to proffer your sweetness

You tempt ever uncannily

Often winning your bets

Then grinning of yet another sweet victory

You coat so well

With unflattering corpulence

You raise the energy in a flash

Without a simmer you crash in a dash

In small sum your innocence yield giggles

When multiplied you jingle so much menace

Your furtive appearance is so unassuming

but eventually raise rancor to your victims

Oh Sugar, my sweet candy, leave me be

for the nectar I seek is not thee.

Twizzlers with a Twist
Peanuts for Payday
The devil made me do it.

The exercise for week 6 is not fair. In the name of assignment and props the sugar "devil" won me. The proof are in the empty wrappers. Poor me.

Created By
Raja Vanathandavar


Raja Vanathandavar

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