ERNESTO "Che" Guevara by Braden Mulcahy

Che Guevara was a radical Marxist Creole from Argentina.
Che was driven into radicalism after traveling around Latin America and seeing the terrible conditions of the lower class. When he traveled to Guatemala he witnessed a United States backed coup d'etat that installed a fascist dictator. He believed that communism was the answer.

Che was a liberator. He helped to overthrow the Cuban government with the Castros. He started out as a doctor but soon became a part of the military force. Once Cuba was in Castro's power it became a communist nation, and Che set up hundreds of trials to execute supporters of the old government. He was the leader of a prison and made president of the National Bank. He was a very large part of Cuba's affairs and aided greatly in its new government. Later in his life he decided to help out in the Congo but failed. Guevara met his end during an excursion to Bolivia. He was there training revolutionaries, but he was killed by the Bolivian Army.

"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall."

Che didn't see himself as a liberator. Instead he said he was a stirrer of the people. He would gather up the people and let them do the work. You need a large effort to take over a whole government, and it's not one person that does it.

Che was definitely tied to the revolution theme, as he was a massive player in the Cuban revolution. He was also a large figure in power and authority because he was the part of the Cuban Government and army.

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