Show, Interact, and Create with the Neurons of the Nervous System By Payton Cadien

From Adventures of Ned the Neuron App-- Super cool!


As a single lesson in a full unit about the nervous system, students will recognize, recall, and describe the basic structure and function of a neuron based on a cool video!


Students will apply and demonstrate the information by practicing the function of a neuron through a game.

Electrifying relay:

  • the class will be separated into halves
  • each "neuron" will have a pile of balls located at one end (at the dendrites)
  • the team member acting as the dendrite will pick up a ball (electrical signal) at the sound of the whistle given by me and begin sending the electrical signal down the axon while saying "buzz"
  • the axon will consist of most of the team and each person must pass the ball to the next person while saying "buzz"
  • when the ball reaches the dendrite on the opposite end of the neuron, the dendrite can take the ball, hop over a tarp/obstacle decorated to be a synapse, and run it to a basket labeled "the brain"
  • after it is in the basket, that dendrite must get back to the end of the line and start the process over again.
  • the goal of the game is to get as many messages to the brain as possible in the amount of time given.


students will design and construct a their own version of a "neuron buddy" and relate each part to its function.

Various neuron creations.


Created with images by taylortotz101 - "neuron" • Marvin Kuo - "Duck and Dive Dodgeball"

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