Kevin and the Magical Green Potion By Louis Florida

Just on the outskirts of town lies 123 High School. 123 is a Warm and welcoming place where it is always basking in the bright sun and the beautiful blue skies that tower over town.
In this area of town it is almost always peaceful silent except for the occasional sound of chirping as birds soar across town. Every early Monday morning in room 123 you will find some of the brightest students in the school rehearsing for the 123 Band.
There are 50 members in the 123 Band, Kevin Rooney is one of them. Kevin is a 10th grade student and is one of the lead players, he takes his time very seriously in band. With having to juggle classes, sports and band Kevin is as busy as a bee.
Kevin wears giant circular glasses, without them he would be as blind as a bat. Ned Stevens however, who is also a part of the band, is the exact opposite of Kevin. Ned is as dull as lead.
The band is led by their beloved teacher, Mr. Kenneth. Mr Kenneth, an extremely productive teacher, his band rehearsals are as quick as a wink.
Most of the time this town is showered by sunshine and it rarely ever rains. Sadly today Kevin woke up to the cloudy gray sky and felt the harsh, cold wind flow across his arms and face as he stepped out the door. Kevin couldn't remember the last time he smelled the same smell of rain and worms.
Kevin left the house with the chills, knowing that the day was off to an odd start. Kevin was already late leaving his house.
When he got to school everyone seemed drowsy with their heads down, sitting and doing nothing. There was just eerie silence. The classroom wouldn’t move, they were as solid as a rock. if they were under some spell or possessed. Even Mr. Kenneth!
Ned Stevens, Kevin's Enemy. Ever since Kevin and Ned had met Ned has been trying to make Kevin's life miserable.
Ned is probably the least enthusiastic student and seems like the kind of person that would want to pull down the band with him.Today Ned was the only student other than Kevin who hadn't seemed to be affected and was full of energy.
Kevin could tell that there was something suspicious about this. Ned smirked as he saw Kevin whoosh through the doors of room 123. Rrrrrrriing! Kevin had came in too late to stop Ned.
Kevin needed to stop Ned. He wanted to see the band succeed. Their final concert was coming soon and the band needed the practice. Also, the morning rehearsals are what Kevin looked forward to and they relaxed him. Kevin checked the band calendar and saw that they only had one last rehearsal left before the final concert. Kevin got to work.
He read books on the spell Ned put on the band. He finally found the solution… the magical green potion! Kevin rushed over to science class and mixed the solutions to make the potion.
Finally Monday had came, Kevin had his potion in hand and was ready to cure the class. He zipped on over to 123 Elementary School and bursted into room 123, only to find out no one was there.
The rehearsal was cancelled. The only thing that Kevin could assume is that Ned controlled Mr. Kenneth and made him cancel rehearsal. Shocked, Kevin left the room where he ran into Ned, he saw the evil in his eyes.
How could I possibly come back from this? Kevin was devastated, nothing was made out of his hard work. Today was his last chance and nothing could be made out of it. Ned was planning to embarrass the whole band by showing the audience the dull and productive group of students.
I can’t allow this, we’ve worked too hard, Kevin had decided. He might be able to still make it. Tomorrow the day of the concert he planned to cure everyone. Finally the day of the concert came. Kevin scrambled to 123 Elementary School.
*** “Congratulations to Kevin Rooney, The Student if the year!” June had finally came and it was now that he had truly realized how much his hard work had payed off. *** That night, Once again, Thanks to Kevin the 123 band performed wonderfully and ended the year with a bang. Ned was expelled and Kevin was named “Student Of The Year” for his amazing hard work.

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