CCRPI Review A study in numbers

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For elementary and middle school CCRPI, 40% of the score comes from the Georgia Milestones Assessment.

Breaking it down even further:

Content Mastery (GMAS Performance) counts as 20 points alone. ELA & Math are 7.5 points each while SS & Science are 2.5 points each.
Lexile measures count as 5 points, based on scores from the GMAS.
Percent of students scoring "Proficient" or "Distinguished" counts another 15 points!
Elementary Breakdown
Middle School Breakdown

The data shows that SGP (Student Growth Percentiles) can be directly related to the effectiveness of the teaching.

Good this year, but what about next year?
Things to consider
What this means is that we need to look at where the weak areas are, assess what is being done in those areas, find what can be improved, and make those changes happen! High growth doesn't mean all is well.

Use this to determine scores
The Achievement Category
We need to focus here for our formula
Specifically, here. This number goes with the corresponding column.
Continue this process for each tab and column.
Once we find those weaknesses and address the causes for low domain performance, we need to make the changes within the classroom to show growth.

Using the information you have, go forth and dig through that data!


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