Quarantine Journal By: Lucia avellaneda

Emily and Vince
On March 25th, Emily, Vince and I called each other through Facetime and were just talking to each other doing our work. We were also talking about how nervous we were for the bio test we had that day. It was good to see them and talk to them after so long. I remembered how we had to do this journal and so I took a screenshot and kept it for this. I kind of wish I was back at school so I can see them but sadly I can’t and I am going to have to deal with it :(
Catherine and Minnie
On March 28th, my sister and I decided to go jump on our trampoline and have some fun. She had the idea to bring my dog, Minnie, on it and my dog was scared. She was getting used to being on it but mostly stuck by our side afraid to fall. I then remembered I had a journal to create and saved this picture of them. Once I was ready to go back inside, Minnie almost jumped off and scared me but thank God she didn’t. So i got out first and carried her to the ground. It was a good day :)
On March 29th, my mom and I took a walk to the donut shop to get some boba and donuts. When we came back we sat in our backyard since it was such a pretty day. It was really sunny and beautiful so I took a picture. My mom even asked me for it so she could put it on Facebook. Before we left for the donut shop, I had asked my sister if she wanted to come with us but she didn’t. We came back with a donut for her so she was happy. It was good to get out of the house. It almost felt normal. I miss how it was before all of this stuff.
Mom and Catherine
On Friday, my mom and I did crafts and after I asked her if she would go on to the trampoline with us and she said yes. She was scared to at first cause she sees how high we go but in the end she really enjoyed it. I started going higher and higher and accidentally landed on her foot and got mad at me. We ended up laughing a lot and couldn’t control ourselves. We had to go because my mom had a Zoom meeting with her friends which was weird but yeah.
Playing scrabble
On Saturday, my mom and I decided to play Scrabble. She was basically beating me the whole time. When it was her turn, she wanted to put the word “oreo” but ended up spelling it “orio”. I laughed so hard because she was so confident when she was putting it down. She’s so adorable. After we ended the game, she won by like 30 points. I was mad cause I really wanted to win. I am veryyy competitive. So I stared saying she cheated and that’s why she won but we ended up laughing.
On Sunday, my family and I went on a walk. It was kind of cold but it was ok. We went very far but it was good because we are out of the house. We were going to go get donuts at the donut shop but my mom didn’t want to go. We had to go to the store so she was going to get some there. I asked her for Hot Cheetos and she got them for me so I was pretty happy. She also brought me a glazed donut. When we were walking we passed by these pretty flowers and I decided to take pictures of them cause why not. We got home and the rest of the day was pretty chill.
On Friday the 10th, it was my dad’s birthday and i decided to make a cake for him. My mom bought two cake mixes so I can do two layers. I knew that these cakes didn’t rise that much so my mom told me to call her friend. Her friend was a baker so she gave me a better recipe and it worked. After I baked both of them I had to let them cool off so I could frost them. Since there was no whipping crea m, my mom bought Cool Whip and it wasn’t the best but i managed to still do it. After, I put some sprinkles, then candles. We sang “Happy Birthday” and traditional “ya queremos pastel” song. He loved the cake and tasted pretty good.
On Easter, I made some desert which includes chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows. I also made flan which is hard for me. Usually I make it by scratch but I can never get it right so my mom just bought me some out of a box. It was easier than having to buy all the ingredients. For the strawberries I put too much chocolate and had a lot left over. So, I got some marshmallows and dipped them in. We ended up eating everything and it was really good. We watched a movie after and I fell asleep watching it. The day was very relaxing.
One world concert
On the 18th is April, my mom and I watched the One World stay at home concert. I originally didn’t want to watch it but my mom basically forced me to. I actually enjoyed it and really liked the message behind it and that was unity. The picture above is The Beatles singing a song. I’m not sure which one but I j thought it was so cool that they reunited to play for this event. My mom really loves old people. She just has a soft spot for them. So she really liked it when they were playing.
On April 19th, my mom decided to take us out for a little bit, just to get some fresh air. We took Topanga Canyon to get there and stopped where we had a good view to take some pictures. We probably stayed there for about 5 minutes and enjoyed the day. I felt kind of sad because we had a view of the valley and brought back some memories. I guess you can say I was feeling kind of nostalgic. I just really want things to go back to normal . Back to the days where you could go anywhere and be surrounded by people and just enjoy life as it is.
Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe
On April 20th, I finished school a little earlier than usual so I decided to cook. I remember when I was in 4th grade and we had this soup day. My mom had made Broccoli Cheddar soup and I really liked it. Since it was a cloudy day I wanted soup so I tried to recreate it on my own. It was kind of exhausting cause you had to constantly be stirring it and make sure that it’s at the right thickness. It ended up being really good and my family enjoyed it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture and everyone ate it all :(
On April 24th, I made the decision to finally cut my hair. After I was done with work, I asked my mom to cut it. I was nervous cause she doesn’t know how to cut hair. Honestly, we were both bored and though screw it. Who was gonna see me anyway? My heart sunk all the way to my toes when I heard her cut it. When I felt my hair, it was so short. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. After I took a shower and let it dry, it looked really nice. I was so happy that it came out really good.
On the 25th of April, my mom took us out to drive to the beach. Don’t worry, we didn’t get out of the car. We just drove by and went home. I took these photos while driving through. It felt really good to be outside and enjoy nature. When we got back I wanted to show Emily my hair since she didn’t see it. She was surprised I actually did it. We facetimed for about an hour and a half. It was good to talk and socialize even if it was through a phone. The whole time we were laughing and taking screenshots of each other. It was a really fun day.
More pictures I took
Birds Eye View
Worms Eye View
On the 26th of April, my family ate outside. We decided to grill some chicken and eat out to enjoy the pretty day outside. After we ate, we went out on a walk and the sky looked so pretty so I took a picture. I think that a good part of quarantine would be how we appreciate life more and we enjoy nature a lot more. It feels really good to get out of the house and feel the evening breeze. I can’t wait till quarantine gets lifted so that way I can go out more and be able to hang out with friends. I’m also really questioning my sanity at this point. So, yeah :)