Hurricane Destruction By: Keagan Gallo

I will be using the catastrophic event of Hurrican Katrina that hit New Orleans, Louisiana in August of 2005. I actually lived through the hurricane and know quiet a bit of information about it. In this presentation, I will be talking about the before and aftermath of not only Hurricane Katrina, but dozens of others that have touchdowned.

Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, Louisiana on August 25, 2005. The storm hit the Bahamas and was heading northeast, but turned to the west. Thousands evacutated before the storm, but hundreds stayed back to fight the storm. On the 22nd of August, 2005, the storm was catagorized at number 5, the most catastrophic hurricane. The storm made shallow bodies of water, full of toxins and wildlife, and the forests into swamps. The houses were destroyed by water, and buildings were torn down by air. The animals will be driven out of their habitat temporaliy, but will eventually move back with better vegetation. Most marine life will not be affected since the diaster did not wipe out their enviornment, but some organisms' populations will decrease.
This is a photo of the Superdome before and after the storm (after: left, before: right). Before the storm, New Orleans was a place of attraction, fun, and music. The catagory five hurricane ruined it all and made New Orleans a place of terror, voodoo, and water.

I believe that with any type of hurricane there will definitely be long and short term impacts. Some long term impacts to nature would be: bodies of water turned to swamps, permanet water damage, soil erosion, pollution, and freshwater damage to bodies of water. Examples of short term impacts are: animal migration, flooding of lakes, marsh damage, 1.3 million acres of land was damaged, islands from the hurricane were flooded, and roads were closed due to flooding. Many areas with hurricane damage will also go through economic and social crisis', such as: oil refineries shutting down, police outbreaks, power losage, major bridge/road closegae, many people go homeless, and renting prices increase. I believe that if a hurricane were to hit in my envorinment, (which it has before) I would move out of the area like my family did. After Hurricane Katrina hit, my family and I moved into a hotel for about a year until we found a house here in Texas. If I were on my own, I would move somewhere to that I know I would not have hurricane worries.

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