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Kelly meets Ms. O'Connell

Josephine talks with Rushton STARS

Colleen gets info from choir

Jagannath sits down with club members

About Rushton News & Reviews

Rushton News & Reviews is a student-driven podcast at Rushton Elementary School in Mission, KS. The podcast releases a new episode every other Monday during the school year for a total of 16 episodes. Four sixth grade students are the hosts every quarter. New hosts are selected quarterly.

  • Rushton News and Reviews goes to Entercom to see what the big time is like
Rushton Radio Personalities

Jagannath Sritinath Nair

Jagannath was born in India. He enjoys science and math as well as playing cricket. Jagannath also likes to read and draw.

Josephine Rathsam

Josephine is a soccer player who also really enjoys being creative in art. She also enjoys rock climbing, reading, and running.

Colleen Chandler

Colleen is an artist who enjoys playing kickball at recess. She enjoys making origami. She claims to have really weird and interesting ideas.

Kelly Hoffman

Kelly plays tennis and kickball. His favorite subject is lunch because you get to sit with friends and be social. In his free time, Kelly enjoys playing Fortnite and writing.

Former Personalities & Their Episodes
S1-E1-4: Om Pande, Lily Young, Dylan Wilson, Jocelyn Armendariz
S1-E5-8: Kendal Adams-Fink, Julia Loudon, S1-E5: Za'Daya Thurman S1-E6-7: Charlee Shrader
S1E9-12: Nico Reed (episodes 9-11), Quinn Chambon, Aliyah Cloughley, Jackson Rushing
S1 E13-16: Aby Tajin, Kailyn Hammer, Taylor Berrian
S2 E1-4: Maddie Tegeler, Mikayla Frye, CJ Cofield, Jinx Kester
S2 E5-8: Ragan Campsey, Satara, Mackenzie Juergens, Xavier Ahumada
S2 E9-12: Tahnee Taggart, Madelyne Morton, Karlee Cromly, Triniti Dodds
S2 E13-15: Christian Giordano, Brianna Herrera, JoLeigh Leonard, Anastasia Quick
S3 E1-4: Jagannath Sritinath Nair, Colleen Chandler, Josephine Rathsam, Kelly Hoffman

If you would like to contact Rushton News & Reviews you can email them at michaelbechina@smsd.org

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