Cotton GMO By Gabe anderson

GMO for cotton began when polyester was being produced more than cotton was. In order to Compete the companies had to add new characteristics to cotton. One extra gene most cotton posses now is a trait from a bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis. This trait makes the cotton more insect and fungi resistant when wet which is a major step for cotton products.

The GMO Bt cotton is made the same way other GMOs are made. The DNA from the bacteria or insect is taken then it is cloned to be transformed into the cotton DNA. Then these GMO are bred from back cross breeding. This Cotton was created by the US government in 1993 in order for cotton to be competitive with polyester.

Bt cotton is a very useful transgenic to use for a few reasons.

  • The use of bt cotton seeds is useful to the farmers because of the resistance and strength it has against Bollworms, which eat the cotton plant.
  • In doing so, it reduces the pesticide use, helping the farms thrive.
  • Bt cotton is also matures faster, which helps increase production.

However there are cons to this type of GMO.

  • Bt cotton is very expensive for most farmers especially for farmers in other like in India who have very marginal farms.
  • Some Bt cotton have mutations within, which would end up lowering the efficiency of the GMO after 120 days, after that the toxin produced by the Bt gene lowers drastically.
  • Promotes malpractice when advertising cotton and selling to huge companies.

From what I have researched about this particular cotton GMO, I had my own bias towards these. In my stance I stand with Bt because of its usefelness. This type of cotton could help speed up our production of clothing, and could help the world economy. It's resistant to most insects that eat it, and it grows faster.

Created By
Gabe Anderson


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