Boycott The LOUISIANA bus and the boYcott on briTish goods By: Garret Hartigan

The image above showed the Mongumary bus boycotts in the south in 1955. This image shows a bus almost completely empty and black people not riding the bus. It is a great depiction of what a boycott really is.

What is a boycott?

First what is a peaceful protest? A peaceful protest is a way to stand up for something people believe is wrong but doing it in a way that is non-violent. The definition of a boycott is a way of peaceful protest by not buying,using,or riding a certain thing. Boycotts have been around for many years dating back in this country as far as pre-Revolution in the 1700's with boycott on British Goods. Later on used in the Louisiana bus Boycotts of the 1950's.

Boycott on British Goods

The boycott on British goods, which happened in 1767, were a result of the King of England raised and made the colonists in the Americas pay for everything shipped from England. They taxed everything from glass to tea. The protests started in Boston and by the Sons of Liberty. They were a group of people against the Brittish rule. They told and rallied everyone against buying British goods. It was able to tighten the colonists way to become their own country.

This is a flag that the colonists made to show rebellion against brittish rule. The snake represents the colonists and Ont tree on me means that the brittish should stop ruling the colonists.

The Louisiana bus boycotts

The Louisiana bus boycotts, which happened in Baton Ruge on Monday June 15, 1953. It was started by Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. against the segregated buses in the state of Louisiana. They protested by not riding the bus. Most of the community was black that rode te bus. When the stopped riding the bus the company started to lose money. On June 25, 1953 the white and black community's were able to come to and agreement on the laws. It was a successful boycott and it was also able to change the laws forever and laid the ground work for the future Montgomery, Alabama Bus boycotts of 1955.

This is someone getting a ride during the boycotts. They created a carpool system so that they didn't take the bus until justice was presented.

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea party happend during the boycott on British goods. It was in 1773 in boston harbor. The sons of liberty organized colonists to dress like Indians and sneak onto British ships that imported the tea. They dumped just the tea into the Boston harbor. This connects with boycotts because it was and is a way to stand up for injustice.

This is showing the people dumping the tea into the ocean while there are spectators on the pier.

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